Is Your Smart Phone The Valuable Tool That You Believe It Is?

Almost every American today owns a Smart Phone. The truth be told even though these devices are great for convenience, there are plenty of tasks that smart-phonethey just simply cannot do. Our obsession is more of a habit then it is useful.


If you ask someone what is the most used task on your phone, the answer would most likely be social media. Most folks use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis while they are at work and home and unfortunately sometimes while driving. This cannot only be dangerous but it also contributes to less productivity at work.


Probably the second most useful aspect of a Smart Phone is finding directions when are lost. Phones have taken the place of standalone GPS devices in many vehicles. Most phones have the ability to “talk” the directions to you just like the larger GPS standalone units.


Phones are by no means a necessary staple for doing many common tasks. If you need to print office documents or need to type a word document, doing so on a phone is not impossible but it is more difficult then on a conventional computer.


Some people of lower incomes are forced to do all their work on a phone. They might not have the funds for a full-fledged DSL or Cable connection. For these folks, there will be limitations on what they will be able to do and some will need to borrow the use of a regular computer from time to time.


For myself, I could not live without the actual Phone part of the Smart Device but I could get by without all the other features. Having the ability to call if your car breaks down is a great safety feature. As for texting we have lunged into an era where we do not speak to people as much as we text them. This has become the new norm. Texting is more of an addiction then it is a necessity. Anything said on a text message can just as easily be said with a phone call. Not only has it made driving dangerous but also it has created an easy way to break up with your significant other, which is probably the worst abuse of a Smart device.


The only way I would consider the “Smart” part of my phone, as a vital instrument is if somebody came in and stole all my computers and a hurricane knocked out my Internet. Then and only then would I consider my phone as a vital Internet tool.


What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below. Do you consider your phone as a vital Internet tool?

By, Tech Joe Z




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One comment on “Is Your Smart Phone The Valuable Tool That You Believe It Is?
  1. Ross Deprey says:

    I think your right Joe. It drives me nuts to do work on a smart phone. I like to watch youtube on my phone thats about it. As far as getting work done a smart phone is not the way to go. You still need a PC.

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