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What Is The Best External Hard Drive To Buy? for your backups!

With all the virus infections around today, the need for backing up is even more crucial then ever. Lots of folks are resorting to the cloud for backing up their files. The harddrive-usbproblem with this is security. Backing up to the cloud is great for pictures and non-sensitive documents. If you want a more secure back up. It is best to go with an external drive.

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Choosing The Best Monitor For Your Computer, Size Matters!

What is the one thing all computers have in common? They all require a monitor to view the contents of what you are attempting to display. If you own a laptop or a tablet, computer-monitorthere is very little you can do as far as an upgrade goes. If you own a desktop computer, you can upgrade till your hearts content.

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Buying a New Computer? How to choose the whats best for your needs.

To start let me tell you I am neither a computer technician nor a computer whiz. My husband deals with that side of the company I deal with more of the office side of the I am just trying to help out those who are nervous about purchasing a new computer and some of the tips I have learned along the way.

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The Best Gadgets to Take Along When Traveling

When you’re hitting the road, getting out of town and traveling far, far away, packing is the first step to the excursion. What do you take and what can you live without? Today, nobody leaves home without at least a couple of their favorite gadgets. Whether you’re going to be backpacking for an entire month of lounging poolside at a five star resort, you have to have at least a few electronics on hand.

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