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New Internet Explorer Exploit Affects All Versions Of Internet Explorer

Exploits to Internet Explorer are nothing new and in fact have been a major issue for most of its lifetime. For years, we have advised folks to stay away from Internet Explorer Internet Explorer is getting hacked and use more secure browsers such as Firefox and Maxthon. Besides being so problematic, it is also a part of the operating system and repairing it can sometimes be impossible without a complete computer reformat.


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How Can I Reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer, Its not working Help!

Internet Explorer is one of the most mocked applications on the planet. It is hated by many and cursed by others, especially when it does not work. It seems that Microsoft keeps rolling out new versions of the browser even before things in the last version are fixed. The truth is that without IE, we would not be able to use most of the third party browsers like AOL, Firefox and Chrome. They all rely to some extent on Internet Explorer.

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Some of our Happy Customers we have provided service for...