Top Tips for Staying Safe Online In The New Age Of 2014!

Today, it is actually getting easier then ever to keep your system free from annoying Spyware. Almost all of the infections we are finding on customers machines was actually children with laptopinstalled by the customer. To top it off, it was installed with their permission. I have several machines in my office ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. Every machine has been virus free for years. It is mostly a matter of knowing when to click and when to not click.


Most anti-virus software will protect you to some degree from getting an infection. The problem is that many of today’s infections are only borderline virus infections. In other cases, the virus sis not identified until after parts of it have already entered your system. At this point, your system must be cleaned since parts of the infection are likely running in the background eager to install even more payload to your computer.


At least 80 to 90 percent of all the infections we are seeing today are actually just nuisance programs. These programs usually get installed with third party down loaders when you are trying to find specific software. If you happen to download from the wrong site, you will get more then you bargained for.  For example, you might be trying to download Firefox on your system. A search will yield all sorts of places to download from. Some will look like the official site but in many cases it simply is not. As an example, a search for Firefox will bring up many choices in Google and it can be very difficult to see which is the actual official website. If you do a search in Bing, it is much easier to find the official website. This is just another reason why you should switch your search engine from Google.


If you download Firefox from the official site, you will get a fresh, clean install with no Malware or undesirable software. If you happen to download from the wrong place, you will get all sorts of unwanted programs like My PC Backup, Registry Cleaners, PC Optimizer and more. These programs will slow down your computer and some will take over your browser as well. Once the Malware takes over your browser a professional cleaning is the best route to take. If not properly removed, the software will keep returning after you remove it.


In 2013, most of the worst infections came into machines through Java. Java is pretty much dead and very few websites still use it. In most cases, you no longer even need it on your machine. So far in 2014, we have seen a lot less of these types of infections because of the low usage of Java. There are still some online games that use it and you can always make use of the ability to add a trusted website to Java’s control panel if the gaming site is a known and trusted source. This will allow you to play the game while keeping your security settings high in order to block everybody else.


The browser you use can also play a part on your chances of infection. Using Firefox or Maxthon will ultimately give you an edge over IE users as far as security goes.


As a review, it is possible to stay Malware free even if you are using an XP computer. Just like driving a car, always be aware of your surroundings. Never click on links that are asking you to do a scan if the software is not installed on your system. Avoid downloading free games and media players unless you are familiar with the website and you know it is safe. Whenever you download anything, including Adobe Flash player, always look for optional offers and uncheck the boxes to avoid getting a program you do not want. Even though vendors pay the companies to add the software to there download, it does not mean you need it on your computer.


Remember, common sense is your best anti virus program. It is better then any software program out there. Common sense can help you to remain virus free for many years to come.

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