Will Windows 8 have an XP mode? How will I run my old programs?

Windows 8 Compatibility With XP Software


As Windows creates better and fancier operating systems, consumers are often left to wonder what to do with their existing operating system. The question faced by many people is whether to upgrade their computers or not. Furthermore, once they have upgraded, the concern becomes what to do about all of the programs that were run on the old operating system.


The problem is that the majority of software created for a specific operating system will not work on a new operating system. This leaves consumers to try and figure out if upgrading to the new system is really worth the money. Not only will they have to spend the money to buy an operating system to begin with, but they also must spend the money to buy all new software as well.


Most people in today’s unstable economic environment would answer with a resounding no if asked if they were going to upgrade. Upgrading is just too expensive. However, for those who have bought a new computer and simply want to run their old software on it, the question now becomes whether or not they will be able to run their old software. Unfortunately, the answer is no.


When Microsoft created Windows 7, they built in a feature that allowed users to run XP programs on it, thus effectively allowing them to keep their old software and use it on their new computer. Windows 8 does have a similar option, but this option requires you to have two operating systems on your computer at one time.


In other words, if you want to run your XP programs on your Windows 8 computer, you will need to buy XP and install it in addition to your Windows 8 operating system. While this is possible, it also tends to make the computer slow and clunky.


The reason that Windows 8 does not have an XP mode like Windows 7 is because those creating the operating system want you to spend money on the programs designed to run with Windows 8. It is a more complex operating system with added features designed to work mainly with touch screen computers and comes with software that is created specifically for the touch screen situation.


While it is possible to run Windows 8 on a regular mouse operated PC, it is also far slower and has several more glitches that arise as a result. As a result, even if you did decide to buy the Windows XP operating system and run it in tandem with Windows 8, your programs would not function properly.


Touch screen computers and their software are unique to themselves. In other words, running XP software on your likely touch screen computer is not going to have good results. If you want to run your XP software, you should keep your XP computer. Any other option is just going to result in frustration at the inability of your computer to do its job.

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