Could You Live Without Your Computer or Smartphone?

It is hard to imagine but not so long ago, we did not have computers in our daily lives. When we needed to look up information we had to turn to the old encyclopedias. We were not able to just log on and type our subject into the search bar of a search engine and be handed thousands of options to obtain the information we needed, we had to look it up the old fashioned way, what if you had to do that now?

When we wanted to find a business we had the yellow pages, online directories did not exist. We had all of our phone contacts in address books sitting on our hutch or nightstands and if we wanted to get in touch with someone we had to make the call using a Lan line or send an old fashioned letter.

Today the internet has changed everything and computers are an important part of our daily lives. To think about living without our computers is a disturbing thought for many of us and for some it would be impossible to do.

Think of all the things you use your computer (and yes this includes your smartphone) for each day:

Storing information – your computer is used to store your personal as well as financial information. You use your computer to save pictures, tax documents, articles, bank statements and many other important documents and files.

Personal Contact – We use our computers everyday to communicate with friends, family, loved ones and business associates. Through social networking we have developed an easy method for sharing our daily lives with those that are close to us, we send pictures, notes and private messages to anyone in our circle with a simple click of the mouse. We also use our computers to communicate through e-mail, blogs, forums and messaging services that offer both text in real time as well as video chat.

Information- Our computers are used for a valuable source of information for anything we need. We use the internet to look up local businesses, get information on any topic imaginable and find out anything we want to know in virtually no time at all.

Finances- Most of us have done away with paper bills and now use the computer to pay all of our bills and to handle our finances. We use the computer to create and maintain budgets, check our bank statements and to take care of our monthly expenses.

Shopping- Many of us will turn to our computers to quickly find what we need online. There are thousands upon thousands of stores to choose from online and with a click of the mouse we have the option to have our items delivered directly to our front doors, without ever leaving the house.

So, could we live without our computers or smartphones? Yes, we could but I am not sure we would want to. We have become so reliant on our computers and the internet throughout our daily lives that it would be tough to consider a lifestyle without them.

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