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At Computer Geeks, we can brag that the majority of our customers return to us time after time.Simply stated, our customers trust us 100% with their personal and business computers. These are words that we are extremely proud of and we have worked hard to earn our excellent reputation nationwide!

In order to maintain our standards of excellence, Computer Geeks Online uses only the latest technology and the most secure connection software available. We pride ourselves for having the best quality customer support and personal service possible.

When you call, you will talk to an experienced technician who will listen to the issues you are having with your machine. We will then explain what services will likely be needed. Once you decide to allow us to do the service, we will walk you through the connection process step by step at a pace you are comfortable with.

Our connection software is safe since it uses the same type of encryption as online banking systems use. This ensures total peace of mind when using our services and ensures all your data and files are safe during the repair.

Our Experienced team of experts will explain the best ways to maintain your system after the repair is complete. This valuable information is a great way to be sure your system remains in great running shape far into the future. While our technician performs the repair, you have either the option to watch what we are doing on your machine or you can carry out your usual routine around the house. The choice is yours. If we require you for a restart or a question, we will contact you by phone.

Today, online services are a dime a dozen but the truth is, many are simply not experienced. Our company stands apart from the pack with our friendly technicians, our outstanding customer satisfaction and an extremely high level of trust and integrity. We also have the most up to date knowledge available. We have often been called by other repair companies to help them with jobs that had them “stuck”.

We would like to thank you for considering our services and for learning about we do at Computer Geeks Online. We guarantee your experience will be a pleasant one. We welcome you to browse our many testimonials and check us out on Facebook. We would appreciate the chance to learn how we can help you with your computer needs. Please call us 1-888-901-GEEK (4335) .

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"A few days ago my computer started to lock up to the point I could not work. I did some research and called Computer Geeks. I talked to tech Joe who quickly diagnosed and repaired my problem. The cost was reasonable and the computer worked great after the repair. My name is Sarah from Raleigh, North Carolina and I would highly recommend these guys!

Sarah Raleigh, North Carolina"

"My name is John from Houston, Texas and yesterday I called Computer Geeks for a virus infection on my computer. After doing extensive research online, I decided to give them a try. The technician quickly got my system connected and immediately went to work cleaning up my system. Within an hour, everything was working better then before and all the ads and pop ups were gone! My computer was back better then before! I would highly recommend this company if you are having any type of computer problems.

John Houston, Texas"


How Can I Speed Up My Desktop Computer?

Probably one of the main complaints about any computer is the speed. Most systems will slow down after a period of time but a good cleaning is all that most systems will need. but the one single thing that often dictates how fast a computer performs is memory (RAM). There are sometimes exceptions to this rule but I will get to that later in the article.

RAM or Random Access Memory is a place where your desktop or laptop stores information temporarily. This allows the computer to get to this information much faster than if you were pulling it from hardrive. If you are repeatedly opening and closing similar docs or files over and over again, this not only speeds up the computer but also helps to keep drive from wearing prematurely.

On any computer system, the drive is the slowest part of your computer. RAM is much master and is one of the single reasons computers are as fast as they are. When you need to access a file and it is already in your RAM, it will open almost instantly. So, what happens when the RAM you have is used up? Well it will start to spill over to your Virtual Memory which is like RAM but it is on your hardrive. Once this happens, your system will slow down and possibly even freeze when trying to get to your information. This is why having ample RAM is so important. I often see systems that were shipped with 2 or 4 GIGS of RAM on board and part of that is being used and shared by the onboard video card. This is when things can get slow.

Installing RAM is not all that difficult, especially in desktop computers. Laptops are usually pretty simple but some manufacturers make it difficult to access the chips. Always order from a reputable company but one of the most surefire ways is to get it from the computer manufacturer. They will usually match your product number with your board to be sure you get the right product. You can also go to crucial.com and use the built in scanner to determine what is compatible with your system.

If you install the chips yourself, be sure to touch something metal before picking up the RAM. Any static discharge from your body will damage the chip. If you are not comfortable opening up your computer, let someone with experience do it for you.

I should add that RAM is not the only factor that determines your speed. You should also have your computer cleaned professionally as well as blow out any dust that may accumulate outside and inside your computer case. Remember that your system is actually acting like a mini air cleaner!

In short, getting more Random Access Memory on your system will almost always help increase your speed, but other factors such as processor speed, drive size and if you have any malware will also play a big part.

Several Reasons Why Desktop Computers Are Still Hot,

If you ask some folks about what type of computer they prefer, most will tell you they prefer a laptop so they can roam around the house or take it with them when they travel. Then again, there are millions that still need the power and reliability of a Desktop Computer. Many folks use their phone for connecting to the web. This is great when you are on the go or maybe just looking at Facebook, but phones are very limited in what they can do no matter how advanced the technology gets. The truth is, all forms of computing technology has a place, it just depends how much you want to do. Desktop computers have been around longer than almost any other type of computing technology. Today, they can do almost everything from watching movies on a large screen to controlling the lights in your house. If you want to play games, a desktop system will far outshine a laptop or a tablet. In addition, even simple websites such as Facebook will perform better and have more options then using it on a phone or tablet.

When your favorite computing device decides to stop operating, the costs involved in repairs will vary greatly with what type of device you are using. If you are using a phone or tablet, replacement is almost always the only option. Even if you have "insurance" on the device, there are almost always out of pocket expenses involved. If you are using a laptop, things can sometimes be repaired, but the labor costs can be high if hardware has to be replaced. Software issues can always be repaired, however. On a desktop, things are completely different. Hardware parts can be readily purchased and replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacement as is often necessary with phones and laptops. Desktop computers are also very easily upgraded. You can add RAM, update the processor and add a super powerful power supply for a smoking fast machine that no phone or laptop can match.

Cost wise, desktop systems are very inexpensive compared to most phones, tablets and laptops. You get a whole lot more for your money!! In addition, if you happen to be a gamer or own a small business, a laptop or tablet is not going to cut it. Owning just them and no main computer will make things a lot more difficult!

In short, having convenience devices like phones, tablets and laptops is great as a secondary means of computing but for the beefy stuff, you are going to want the old school desktop. They are fast, efficient, cost effective and they get the job done. The desktop computer will have a part in our lives for many years to come!!

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