Top Tips for Staying Safe Online In The New Age Of 2014!

Today, it is actually getting easier then ever to keep your system free from annoying Spyware. Almost all of the infections we are finding on customers machines was actually children with laptopinstalled by the customer. To top it off, it was installed with their permission. I have several machines in my office ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. Every machine has been virus free for years. It is mostly a matter of knowing when to click and when to not click.

Microsoft Issues Patch For Internet Explorer GET IT NOW!

We all received a big surprise today when Microsoft issued an out of cycle patch to fix  a vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer. Most of us have been totally microsoft internet explorer patchavoiding using Internet Explorer and have downloaded third party browsers such as Firefox and Maxthon as a workaround. The update will be delivered via automatic update so if you have automatics updates turned off, be sure to turn them back on so you can receive the critical patch.

Support For Microsoft XP Ends Today – Tips To Help You With XP Ending

The day has finally come when Microsoft hangs up its hat for the last time in regards to Windows XP. This operating system has been one of the best operating systems out windows-xp-support-deadlinethere and many folks are still using it and will continue to use it for another year or two or in some cases even longer. While it is true that many people will upgrade during the coming weeks, many will still continue to use the OS.

When The Cold Weather Sets In, Stay Home And Be Safe

The cold weather is here to stay and it can be dangerous to travel. Here are five good reasons to stay home and use your computer instead of braving the freezing cold-weathertemperatures!


  1. Car Problems:  Your car might run fine in the cold but a simple battery problem can keep you from starting your car! Sure, you can get a jump from a friend but what if it starts snowing and you are out in the middle of nowhere? You will have a really hard time getting rescued and this can lead to a life-threatening situation.

Top Three Free Anti-Virus Programs that you should take advantage of!

With today’s tough economy is a good idea to save money wherever possible. Your anti-virus software is no exception. We have tested several of the top free options and we have some great news about all three. They all performed just as good if not better then some of the top paid brands such as Norton, McCaffee and Trend Micro. In fact, installing most of these paid products can lead your computer to Death Valley.

How Can I Reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer, Its not working Help!

Internet Explorer is one of the most mocked applications on the planet. It is hated by many and cursed by others, especially when it does not work. It seems that Microsoft keeps rolling out new versions of the browser even before things in the last version are fixed. The truth is that without IE, we would not be able to use most of the third party browsers like AOL, Firefox and Chrome. They all rely to some extent on Internet Explorer.

CryptoLocker Is The New and Most Feared Virus in History and For Good Reason

CryptoLocker Ransom Ware Is Here To Stay In 2014

Until last month, the worst virus that you could get on your system was ransom ware called the FBI virus. This virus came in many forms but the end result was always the same. imagesThe virus would hold you “ransom” and would not allow you to get into your computer. The virus would not allow you to do anything on your computer at all. The good news was that in the majority of cases, we were able to get around the virus and remove it without any ill effects on the computer.

Retirement Of Windows XP, Many Security Companies Will Maintain Support

There is lots of talk about how the retirement of XP is going to affect the end user. We know that you will be cut off from new Microsoft Updates and some software venders will no XP-banner-supportlonger offer updates to their programs if you are still using XP. The truth is, there are millions of folks who are still using XP and are going to continue using it on certain machines. Most folks will not throw away a perfect computer just because Microsoft wants them to. If you are a multi-computer home and you have several computers running XP that run perfectly, you will not want to get a new computer with Windows 8 that almost everybody hates.

What To Expect After Windows XP Support Is Gone Coming April !

Windows XP has been one of the best operating systems in the world. It is still used by millions throughout the world and will likely remain popular among millions even after themicrosoft-yikes-windows-xp official end of support next April. The million-dollar question is what will this end of support mean to you? There are lots of Microsoft folks who really want you to dump XP and buy their new Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8: Is it Better or Worse than Microsoft Windows7?

Upon release of the new Microsoft OS (Operating System), Windows 8, consumers have been very skeptical of its practicality. The most


significant change for Windows 8 comes to the Start Menu or rather the lack there of.
‘Metro’ has been added in to replace the Start Menu and has recieved mixed reviews in the market.

Five Ideas for Better Security for Cloud Computing

Although cloud computing adoption continues to grow, security continues to be a serious concern. Security is still evolving and superior approaches to policies and practices are emerging. Studies reveal that security is among the three main concerns that business executives have when they consider moving critical business data to the cloud. dell  Cloud Computing

Advantages of remote monitoring of your IT systems

One of the most crucial factors that determine an organization’s long term successes and failures is the performance, security and efficiency of its IT systems. Hence, maintenance of the key hardware and software systems in their IT inventory should be a priority for each and every organization.

How to Keep Hackers Away from Your Computer.

Hackers are in a league of their own as far as being nosy and probing maneuvers are concerned. And they can be very very dangerous. You give them an inch and they’ll turn it into a yard, give them an iota of a chance to delve into your private data and they’ll do it with such effortless ease that you’d either stand in awe of their brilliance or you’d just be thunderstruck with possible ramifications. Basically what this rant means is that there is more than a slight possibility that there would be ‘best employee monitoring software’ installed by your employer in your PC. There are many things that you need to keep in mind as you vie to keep hackers away from your device.

The Advantages of Owning a Tablet Computer VS. a Laptop PC.

Technology has come a long way in a very short amount of time. Since the invention of cell phones and laptop computers, manufacturers have been trying to find a way to blend the two technologies. Perhaps the most highly debated product of this union of technologies is the tablet.

What kind of computers do college students need, capabilities, price?

College Computer Shopping: Where Do I Start?

Your child is getting ready to go to college, and you want to make sure he or she has everything needed. You’ve bought all the essentials, but then you wonder, what kind of computer is best for your aspiring college student?

Before you go out and buy a new computer, do some research. Check with your child’s college and see if they have any requirements. Some majors may require certain hardware or software. Find out from your child’s school what requirements the computer has to meet, and then work from there.

What is a Wi-Fi booster extender, and why would I need one?

We’ve all done it: walked around the house with our laptops open, trying to connect to the internet. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when you pay forty dollars or more every month just to have access to the internet. The problem is, your Wi-Fi just does not reach to the farthest corners of your house.


4 Simple Ways to Protect the Security of Your Email Account

Email accounts are often considered easy targets for hackers. Once your email password gets in the wrong hands, your privacy and online reputation can suffer tremendously as a result. If you want to protect the security of your email account, consider taking these four steps:

1. Change your password

My computer DVD drive tray is stuck, what should I do?

Has your DVD drive tray stopped opening and closing? Having the convenience of a computer DVD drive to play your favorite movies and music or installing new software is one that often gets taken for granted. However once your DVD disc drive breaks you will likely be concerned that your ability to play entertainment, access media storage and re-install your favorite programs will be lost forever. However don’t despair; there are several common reasons why your PC’s DVD drive is no longer working. Today we will take a look at these popular faults and what you can try to do to fix it.

Replacing a PC monitor, should I consider a touch-screen model?

Is it time that you replaced your PC monitor? If that old display has recently broken or perhaps feels small and out-dated then you should consider replacing your display with a new model. The latest monitor technology includes a variety of touchscreen and multi-touch models. But why should you consider a touch monitor and are they actually useful? Today we will explore some of the popular options of touch screen monitors and how they work with your current Windows operating system.

Computer’s Wi-Fi keeps dropping, what should I do?

Does your computer’s Wi-Fi keep dropping and losing connection? If you are working on an important email or downloading a file it there can be nothing more frustrating than losing your PC’s Wi-Fi connection. We now live in a world where we expect to have an always on accessible internet connection around us. But behind the scenes, your WI-Fi system is constantly working hard to provide a speedy stable connection using hardware and software. Today we will look at what common problems can cause a WI-Fi connection to fail. We will explore how your wireless may suddenly stop working and what you can do to fix it and prevent the problem occurring in the future.

Open DNS Can Keep Your System Secure

Hi everybody in this issue we are going to talk about the importance of your DNS numbers and what it all has to do with security. I am sure most of you have heard the term DNS used on many occasions but you may not know exactly what these numbers do. As you may recall, the Internet was almost supposed to come to a halt on July 9th because of the DNS changer virus but that scare never became a reality.  Most of us took the precautions that were necessary to ensure that this problem did not happen so the effects were minimal.

Installed new hardware, why is Microsoft Office requesting activation again?

Are you getting a Microsoft Office activation message after recently changing or upgrading computer hardware? From time to time you may wish to upgrade your computer components or add memory to ensure your PC remains up to date and capable of handling your needs. Microsoft Windows is excellent at recognizing system changes and updating drivers if needed. However, Microsoft’s Office software is not always so happy when you change your hardware. If you make some changes to your components then you may discover that the next time you open your favorite document, you could be interrupted by the Microsoft Activation Wizard. This can happen even if you have already activated Office in the past. Today we will explore why this happens, what hardware changes can prompt this error and what you need to do next?

Should I uninstall old software that I no longer use?

Do you have lots of software on your PC that you no longer use? Over the lifetime of your computer, you will often install new software on a regular basis. This may be testing out the latest video game or downloading a video player to play a certain file type. Over time your computer can become swamped with dozens of software programs that you no longer need or use. This can be a perfect time to consider removing this old software from your system. But are there any benefits of deleting old software? Today we will explore the advantages or removing old software programs from your computer.

Firefox browser keeps freezing, what is the problem?

Is your Firefox browser constantly crashing and having stability problems? Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world and enjoyed by hundreds of millions of computer users every day. The reason for its popularity is due to its speed and when compared to older versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox is normally considered more stable. However if your browser has begun to freeze and crash then you may be wondering what has gone wrong or even considering if your Firefox has a virus? Today we will explore the common reasons for Firefox crashes and what you can do to keep your favorite browser working effectively.

What 2016 Will Mean For Mean For The Computer World

It is hard to believe that a new year is just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in 2015. The year brought us a lot of changes in the computer world, especially with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft says that Windows 10 will be the last operating system that will be released. All updates from here on in will be built around the Windows 10 protocol.

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Tips And Tricks

 The Importance Of Different Passwords.  4/29/2015

Staying safe is a top priority for all of us. Almost everything we do online requires a password. The majority of folks will take the easy way out and use one password for all of their websites and programs. This is a great time saver and makes it easy and quick to get your work done but it is not the safest way to go. In addition, many folks will use easy passwords that are easy to remember. Either one of the above practices can create an Identity Theft scenario.

Is Your Smart Phone The Valuable Tool That You Believe It Is?

Almost every American today owns a Smart Phone. The truth be told even though these devices are great for convenience, there are plenty of tasks that smart-phonethey just simply cannot do. Our obsession is more of a habit then it is useful.


If you ask someone what is the most used task on your phone, the answer would most likely be social media. Most folks use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis while they are at work and home and unfortunately sometimes while driving. This cannot only be dangerous but it also contributes to less productivity at work.

How Safe Is That Public Wi-Fi?

We all do it at some point in our lives, probably a lot more then less. I am talking about going to your local coffee house and using the public Wi-Fi. It is awifi wonderful convenience and it is also great to get out of the office and relax in a different environment. In most cases, we simply connect and really do not give any though about the many risks that could be involved. Many of us will do our banking, buy stuff from Amazon and log into Facebook without even a second thought. But wait, there are things you need to consider before you potentially give a stranger your bank account password!

Help! Windows Updates Keep Failing

Have you ever come across an issue where your computer goes into a loop and says that it your update has failed? This is unfortunately a very common occurrence and happens quite frequently. The reasons, however, can be a lot more involved and complicated.


Is Using Java Safer Now Then Before?

Just a few short years ago, Java was one of the most popular media used for games, webpage scripts etc. It was very straightforward to use and it had the javaability to create useful scripts that worked well on almost all websites. If you remember, security experts found some really nasty flaws in the code. Instead of actually fixing the code, Oracle decided to just block almost all java code whether it was a problem or not as a workaround. This created a huge mess for many developers who were using Java on their WebPages.

Internet Explorer is History – Windows 10 Boasts A Brand New Browser!

Microsoft and Internet Explorer are synonymous names that have been together since 1995. In its long history, Internet Explorer has been loved by someinternet .png-large but hated by most. The browser has always had its share of security flaws and in some cases, it was brought to the attention of Homeland Security which flat out told users not to use it until certain security flaws were patched. To this day, there are still a good amount of folks using Internet Explorer and many of those are doing so out of habit and because it was the browser packaged with their computer. Many of those that are in use are out of date versions that have multiple security flaws.

Crypto Wall Virus Is Alive And Well

Hi everybody. Today while working what we thought was a routine computer clean up; we came across a system that was infected with the Crypto Wallvirus virus. Upon inspection, we found that all documents and pictures on this computer were completely inaccessible! The Trojan had done its dirty deed and did its job very well.


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