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The Facts and Fictions of the Cloud

Cloud computing has been a popular topic that has been buzzed about almost to the point of ad nauseam. Interestingly, there are still lots of folks that hear the term in casual conversations with friends and associates, and even use it themselves while having misconceptions about what the term actually means. In recent surveys, respondents have opined that cloud computing has to do with everything from weather, to toilet paper.

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What Is The Best Operating System For My Mobile Phone?

Today, more and more folks are checking their Facebook, E- mail and all sorts of other information on the go. With the busy schedule that most folks have, many of us do not have the time to spend an hour or more sitting at our home computers to read all our information. With the rapid increase in Smart Phone sales, it appears that more and more folks are using their phones as part of their office management.

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Running A Remote Computer Business From Home Saves Overhead

With the high cost of retail space and all the loopholes you have to jump through to start a business, more and more folks are running their business right from their homes. This trend is growing steadily as the age of technology keeps improving and evolving. The trend has grown even faster since the Great Recession where so many people have lost their jobs and are trying to make a living.


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Windows 8: Is it Better or Worse than Microsoft Windows7?

Upon release of the new Microsoft OS (Operating System), Windows 8, consumers have been very skeptical of its practicality. The most


significant change for Windows 8 comes to the Start Menu or rather the lack there of.
‘Metro’ has been added in to replace the Start Menu and has recieved mixed reviews in the market.

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Google Glass: What is all the Hype About?

The newest google product set to hit the market is one like we have never seen before outside of sci-fy movies. Google glass is a revolutionary piece of technology that begins to make the HUD (Heads Up Display) a reality. This is by making a headband that fits like conventional glasses without lenses that has a small screen in the top right corner of a persons view which displays at 640 x 360 resolution.

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Can Computers Replace The Human Workforce In Our Lifetime?

With the invention of the computer, more and more we see jobs that used to be done by a human person slowly being replaced by computerized systems. In some applications, computers help to speed up the processing of huge data humun-robotbases in a way that no human could ever dream of.

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Why Is It A Good Idea Not To Buy That New Gadget The Day It Comes Out?

Whenever you hear about a new toy or gadget that has been released, many adventurous folks want to be the first ones to grab the goods and try them out. That can be a good thing but many times it is a bad thing and potentially even a gamble of your hard-earned money.


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Computer Service , Should I buy That Monthly or Yearly Contract?

Remote computer repair has been changing almost as fast as the seasons over the past few years. When the technology first emerged several years ago, you Geeks Computerpaid by the hour. Your final cost would depend on how many hours the tech had to spend in your system in order to repair the problem. Soon after that, the flat rate pricing format began to take shape. With this platform, which is still in use today, you paid one flat fee for a repair regardless of how long the repair might take. This has been a very popular choice for many years and is still used by many.

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How to Deal with Overheating Issues

When your computer overheats, it can cause your computer to crash at best and cause you to lose important data or harm your hardware or software at worst. There are mechanisms in place to keep your PC or laptop from overheating, yet this is still a common issue.

There are many things that can cause your computer to overheat. Understanding these causes can help you to address the root issue and deal with your overheating issues. Here are a few top solutions for dealing with overheating issues in your PC or laptop:

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