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Steps To Help Keep Your Android Device Secure

Android is quickly becoming one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Next to Windows, it is widely used by many in tablets and Smart phones. As the operating system becomes more popular and widely used, it is also going to become the target of choice for hackers and thieves. Many folks are beginning to do things like bank transactions and other personal activities on their phones and tablets. It is important to be sure your Android is as secure as possible to avoid a possible breach in your information.

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Android Watch – Four Changes Coming To The OS In 2014

With the recent release of Android 4.4, Google has fans cheering. However, even more exciting plans are expected in the next

1. Better SMS Apps
Up until now, Android developers have had to rely on workaround to create third-party apps for messaging because of how Google kept the API hidden. Chomp SMS and Handcent are among the popular options available in the Play Store, and now their developers will be able to use the official Android messaging API. This is good news for users who want to use something other than the stock messaging app without experiencing strange message errors. Plus, the release of the API means integrating Hangouts with SMS will work with third-party apps.

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