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My Smartphone Is Too Smart to be Hacked, Right?

You’re running around town, busily attending to your business. With you, as always, is your trusty smartphone, your all-in-one calendar, contact list, to-do list, mobile bank, camera, GPS, and pocket gateway to the internet. Where you go, it goes. And it must, for your entire life is locked up in that little box. And it’s safe and sound in there, right? After all, it is a “smart” phone.




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What to Expect from the New Apple iPhone 5

From professional magazines to the blogosphere, the tech world has been abuzz with rumors of the new Apple iPhone 5. The question on everyone’s mind is: what new features will it have? Top technology trend experts were quick to say that rumors of a new look for the phone were likely only wishful thinking by consumers. As of September 12, however, those experts are likely eating their words with their morning breakfast.


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