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How to Download iCloud on Your Microsoft Windows Computer

Today, there are millions of I Phone users out there. Next to Android, it is the most popular phone that is use today. The Apple I Phone has a great built in feature called I Cloud. This simple yet powerful software allows you to back up and sync all the information that is located on your phone. In addition, it allows you to share between devices, including your PC.

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How To Configure Microsoft Skydrive To Sync Your Desktop And Documents

If you are like most folks, you probably own several digital devices like a computer, a smart phone and a tablet. Sometimes when we take new pictures or download them to
our PC from a camera, you want to share them with your friends when you are out and about. There are lots of solutions that you can do this with but a trusted application known as SkyDrive from Microsoft is one of my favorites.

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Is Cloud Storage a Foolproof Backup for Your Files? Can You Trust It?

Cloud storage is all the rage these days, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean its foolproof. Cloud storage is a useful tool, but it isn’t right for everybody. Before backupdeciding to rely entirely on cloud storage for your business files and information, consider the pros and cons of using a cloud storage service, and consider some of the things you can do to keep your data safe.


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What Exactly is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing delivers computing as a service, instead of a product. This basically means that it is sharing resources, information and software to other computers and devices over a network. The cloud computing infrastructure allows data, information and other resources to be shared with the other computers and devices without providing any information about what other information is stored on the infrastructure.

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Top 5 Cloud Storage Providers For Online Data Backup!

Your computer only comes with a certain amount of storage space. When you run out, you can buy a hard drive with more space, or you can buy an external hard drive or flash drive. Both options could cost you hundreds of dollars, depending on your storage needs.

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Cloud Computing: Digital Revolution or Reinvented Tech?

If you use any kind of technology product these days, you’ve probably heard about cloud computing. From television commercials advertising cloud services to hardware and software manufacturers touting the latest in cloud computing technology, it seems as if data from all over is migrating into the cloud – but what is the cloud?

Old Technology Reinvented

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Top Online Storage Services

Cloud computing has become a pretty big deal recently and one of the biggest impacts it has had is allowing users to back up their information online. With so many people taking digital photos and saving them to their computers, it can be difficult to keep things safe if there isn’t some sort of back up in place. Looking at different options for saving all of your important files somewhere in addition to your PC or Mac is a great way to ensure that no matter what happens to your computer, your files will be safe. Read on to learn a bit about some of the top online storage services out there.

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Pricing out the Cloud (Yes, it Costs More)

Any discussion of cloud computing for a small or midsize business revolves around two central issues: function and cost. Too much of both bankrupts a company, too little and the benefits of cloud computing can’t be realized. Balance is required but it’s no easy task, especially as providers cry out with siren calls about how their solution costs less the next guy and can help reduce your IT budget.


But here’s the thing: they’re lying.

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Why Cloud Security is Important

It’s no secret that the most efficiently run businesses in today’s markets are those that utilize cloud technology. Cloud computing offers many services, and even more services seem to crop up every day. When companies take advantage of all that cloud computing has to offer, they’re choosing to streamline their businesses and allow operations to reach peak performance. But these companies must also consider how they’re going to keep all of their data and information in the cloud secure.

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Cloud or Dedicated? What Kind of Server Should I Get?

Many companies today are asking the question “Do I really need a dedicated server?” The alternative, of course, is to operate off of a cloud server. A cloud server is a remote server that allows the users to access their files through the internet, rather than having all of their files stored on a hard drive. The quick response is, yes, cloud servers may be better than dedicated servers.


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