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Firewalls, Do We Really Need Them?

Firewall usage reduces the risk of an attack.

Computer firewalls are put in place to protect our information, our networks and our systems from any intrusions or attacks. However, even with them installed we are still at risk. We have lowered the risk by installing a firewall but the risk still exists.

There are many reasons why we need computer firewalls up and running on our systems at all times. Below is some information and pointers about why a firewall should be installed, what it can do to help protect you and why we need them.

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Finding the Right Firewall for Your Personal Computer

The role of the PC firewall is to ensure that you do not have to deal with computer viruses. We all know that the viruses are much more difficult to deal with when they have already infiltrated the system. It is better to prevent them from getting there in the first place.  The industry has been developing over the past few years and the experts are finding new ways of increasing the security of users. Some of the packages are paid for at a minimal cost while others are completely free. The problem with free services is the possibility they may not deliver the full spectrum of services that you need in order to secure your gadget.

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Differences Between a Hardware and Software Firewall.

Hi everybody, today we are going to discuss the difference between a hardware and software firewall.. All of us are quite versed that we need an anti virus program to protect our computers but did you know that you also need a firewall to protect yourself from hackers? A firewall has a totally different purpose then you’re anti virus program. You’re anti virus program helps protect your system from bad programs installing them selves on your system and your firewall helps protect you from hackers taking over your computer. They both have totally different purposes.

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