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Computer Geeks Online is offering a deal  this week only. This deal is available to all customers new and existing so make sure to spread the word. No exceptions!!! We are dropping our prices into the red with the best deal and lowest prices we have ever offered our customers!!

Computer Geeks Online is offering our Full PC Clean-up for $79.99 well below our normal rates of $99.00. This price includes everything listed in our Full Pc clean-up. Click the link below to get started in making your PC running smoother and your time at your machine more enjoyable.

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Computer Geeks Veterans Day Special

Here at Computer Geeks Online, we support our troops past and present. As a Thank You to all of our customers in the Armed Forces CGO will be offering $10 off of our $99 clean-up special for all of our customers who have served our country or are currently serving.. A big Thank You from all the staff here at Computer Geeks Online.

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Christopher Columbus Computer Repair $99.00 Special !

On Monday October 8 we celebrate the discovery of the greatest land in the World, America. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed here and called his discovery the Americas. To celebrate this day, why not discover the joys of a faster, more secure and reliable computer. For $99.00 we do it all. A complete system overhaul. Call Tech Ross or Tech Joe today! 1 888 901 4335. You will be glad you did.

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Labor Day Special, Online Remote Computer Repair! $99.99

Labor Day marks the end of the summer vacation season and soon we will be spending more time indoors on our computers. Why not treat yourself and your computer to a complete computer clean up and tune up. For just $99.99, we go through your system with a fine toothcomb to be sure everything is working properly and your system is free from virus infections. Personable service, no hold times, U.S. Based technicians and quality service makes for a great customer experience. Call us today at 1-888-901-4335.

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Computer Geeks Online Special! FBI Virus Removal..

Just when you thought it was safe to go online several new virus infections have been introduced into the wild. One is the FBI scam. You might receive a warning on your computer telling you that you have copy write material on your system. The page will lock your computer and not allow you to do anything. This type of infection requires a professional to remove.

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