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Help! Windows Updates Keep Failing

Have you ever come across an issue where your computer goes into a loop and says that it your update has failed? This is unfortunately a very common occurrence and happens quite frequently. The reasons, however, can be a lot more involved and complicated.


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The New Year Is A Great Time To Upgrade Your Hard Drive!

With the New Year in full swing, most retailers are doing all sorts of sales to get your business during a normally slow month. With Christmas just passing by, many of us are cashintel drive strapped after all the holiday spending. The good news is that now is the time to buy those upgrades you have been putting off. Online retailers like Amazon and Tiger Direct have some great buys this time of year.


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Common Reasons For A Randomly Crashing Computer

Computer crashes are about as common as a thunderstorm on a hot summer day. We have all had them and every computer will do it at some time or another. An occasional man-at-slow-computerfreeze up is often nothing to worry about but if it happens on a regular basis, there is usually an underlying reason.


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Introducing A Hack To Get Windows XP Updates. Social Media is it safe?

Hello everybody. Almost all of us do it every single day. You open your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet to see what is new on Facebook. In fact, many of you do morewindows-xp-updates communicating on social media then in real life.


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Do You Really need Java In anything Other Then Your Morning Cup Of Coffee?

In the past couple of years we have done a few articles on the importance of keeping java on your computer. In the past few months, our thoughts have totally changed. Morning coffee or up date your java?Today, java is the devils workshop.

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What Is The Best Online Computer Repair Company? In The USA ?

Computer Geeks Online has been doing remote repairs on the Internet for years. In face, we were one of the first and original companies to offer online support and the first to Computer geeks online remote computer repair is right here int he USAoffer flat rate pricing. When online computer repair was first introduced, most companies were charging an hourly rate that could get extremely expensive if a job took more then hour to do.


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Tech Support Scams and What You Need To Know -Before you call for help

We are getting more and more folks calling us and asking about so-called Microsoft employees calling them and stating that their computer has problems. In a handful of Tech-Support-Scamscases, the victims allowed the crooks to actually access their computer to determine the problems. Essentially, the fraudsters will run a registry scan that will say there are hundreds of problems causing the computer to be slow.


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My Computer Is Slow, What Could Be The Problem? Please Speed It Up!

One of the biggest complaints we get from customers is that their computer is slow. There are many reasons for this and usually it is not something you can diagnose yourself. why-is-my-PC-running-slowThe truth is, many issues related to speed are often caused by your Internet speed. Often time’s folks will go out and buy a brand new machine and notice that the new machine is just as slow as the old one.

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My Computer Has a Virus and It Will Not Boot Up, Help!

In the majority of cases, a virus infection can usually be removed by either your on board anti-virus software or by calling a professional technician. Virus scanners work in no-bootaccordance with the software definitions that have been placed in the program by the anti-virus vender. Those definitions help to search for files that might be compromised by a virus attack.


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Regular Computer Maintenance Will Keep Your System Running Smooth

Your computer is similar to your car. It needs maintenance at certain intervals to keep it humming along. Remember, your car needs it’s oil changed about every 5,000 miles computer-repair-helpand your transmission should be flushed about every 30,000 or else you run the risk of a costly mechanical breakdown.


About every 100,000 most cars require the spark plugs to be changed. If you own a car with a timing belt, it needs to be changed about every 60,000 miles. Skipping any of the above maintenance could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

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