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Computer Service , Should I buy That Monthly or Yearly Contract?

Remote computer repair has been changing almost as fast as the seasons over the past few years. When the technology first emerged several years ago, you Geeks Computerpaid by the hour. Your final cost would depend on how many hours the tech had to spend in your system in order to repair the problem. Soon after that, the flat rate pricing format began to take shape. With this platform, which is still in use today, you paid one flat fee for a repair regardless of how long the repair might take. This has been a very popular choice for many years and is still used by many.

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Please call a pro to fix your computer and not a back yard friend

In today’s world, one can still manage to survive without food for a day but certainly not without computers. It might sound superficial but in reality, it’s somewhat true. Especially with the advent of internet, human life has become faster paced. Nowadays no one can imagine running a business without computers and internet. However, the topic of our discussion today is not about the importance of computers but about the common issues and how to fix them.

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Advantages of remote monitoring of your IT systems

One of the most crucial factors that determine an organization’s long term successes and failures is the performance, security and efficiency of its IT systems. Hence, maintenance of the key hardware and software systems in their IT inventory should be a priority for each and every organization.

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A computer shop will charge you fixed or not fixed. Most remote online repair sites have a no fix, no charge policy.

When trying to find a computer repair shop, there are always a few features you will want to look for in your ideal computer repair solution. You will want to find a company with experience, good pricing, and friendly customer service. Most importantly you will want to find a company that offers a “No fix, No fee” guarantee.


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Slow Computer? Steps You Can Take to Improve Your PC’s Performance.


There is a point for every computer user where they come to the sad realization that their beloved PC doesn’t seem to be as speedy as when they initially purchased it. Many users assume that when their computer slows down, it is simply time for a new computer.


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As Seen on TV: Don’t waste your time or money on computer fix software.

Is Computer-fixing Software Worth the Cost?


Anyone who watches television, or regularly surfs the internet, has likely seen numerous ads for countless software programs and companies. All make the same claim that their products and offerings are the very best and will optimize your PC’s performance for a small fee. Many boast a 100% money back guarantee, and some even sport reviews from big name magazines and organizations.


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Why Did Windows Update Stop Working?

Today we are going to talk about what to do if Windows Update does not work. As you know, Windows update is an important tool in keeping hackers out of your computer. This tool maintains a safe and stable operating system and patches many parts of the Windows operating system. The patches are usually rolled out on “patch Tuesday” which is the second Tuesday of every month. In addition, the tool also updates some other components such as Net Framework and Silverlight. In the past, we have seen many issues related to the Net Framework updates. There are times when these updates have duplicated them selves and tried to install several times. In addition, I have seen some computers have problems after installing some .net framework updates. I personally stay away from most of them. . Net is very difficult to repair if it gets corrupted.

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Dealing With A BOOTMGR Error Message , How To Fix It!

You may have noticed a BOOTMGR error pop up on your computer in one of many ways. The top one listed below is the most common, but the ones below it are also commonly seen on your computer:

  • “BOOTMGR is missing
    Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart”


  • “BOOTMGR is missing


  • Press any key to restart”


  • “Couldn’t find BOOTMGR”
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Major Benefits of Hiring Online PC Repair Services.

Have you never used an online PC repair service before and wondering what are the main benefits? Remote Computer Repair services are fast becoming more and more popular and recognized as an efficient and cost effective way to instantly fix almost any computer issues. But before you try out and hire an online PC repair assistant to fix your issue you may wish to learn of all the fantastic benefits that you can enjoy. Read on below to discover the most popular advantages of hiring online PC repair services.

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Tune-up programs can do more harm than good

Are you about to run a computer tune-up program to try to speed up your PC? Before you begin you should understand that sometimes a PC tune-up program can actually do more harm than good. The problem with many software tools and utility programs that promise to speed up your computer is they can often have the opposite effect due to the amount of additional memory usage consumed. Today we will explore this issue in further detail and learn why sometimes your computer could be better off without tune-up software.

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