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A Fake e-Mail Here, A Fake Phone Call There. Scammers Are Everywhere!

With today’s hard times, people are getting more desperate then ever and are looking for quick ways to add cash to their portfolio. The problem is, some of that cash might scammersjust be yours. You do not have to look far to find a scammer. You get spam e-mails in your inbox everyday that you know are scams but what about the ones that look like the real deal? Remember


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Why Is It A Good Idea Not To Use Microsoft PST Files For My E Mail?

It is a known fact that the majority of e-mail clients are using Microsoft Outlook. For the most part, Microsoft Outlook will function great and do almost everything you need it to Outlook-PST-Filedo. It is rich with customizable settings and most PC users are comfortable with the interface. For some business customers, it is often set up using Exchange Server. Many folks do not know the mechanics of the system and the fact that Outlook uses a very proprietary file type to save your information.

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So You Sent That Important E-Mail And It Never Arrived? Oh No!

In today’s world, almost everybody communicates to at least some degree by e-mail. E-mail has become almost as important as the postal service in terms of a means of email-will-not-workcommunication. Both individuals and companies alike both depend on this service. The unfortunate part is that like any means of communication, you are going to get those that want to abuse it for monetary gain. We call these folks spammers.

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Spam: The Biggest Enemy Of Email

It is an irritating experience to find spam emails in our inbox on a regular basis. ‘You may already have won’ type emails are replacing the old-fashioned newsletters that were once posted through the letterbox. Spammers are quite clever and are finding new and innovative ways to get their spam email through the filters that would otherwise block it and are also smart enough to lead with a subject line that isn’t obviously spam and maybe even arouses your curiosity enough to open it.

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The History of Spam and Common Email Spam Principles

The history of spam is actually quite interesting.  In the late 1800’s sales people would ‘spam’ telegraph lines and
send messages to wealthy land owners about investing opportunities.  In the late 1970’s the military’s web (which preceded today’s internet) was used to send out an offer to 400 people with a poor response.

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4 Simple Ways to Protect the Security of Your Email Account

Email accounts are often considered easy targets for hackers. Once your email password gets in the wrong hands, your privacy and online reputation can suffer tremendously as a result. If you want to protect the security of your email account, consider taking these four steps:

1. Change your password

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We can fix your Outlook PST files.

Are you having problems with your Microsoft Outlook PST files? Perhaps your .PST files have been damaged during folder changes or compatibility issues. If you are experiencing problems with your Outlook PST files then Remote Computer Repair Support can help to quickly fix your inbox and get you and your emails back up and running in no time. Read on to discover how we can fix your Outlook PST files while you wait and we’ll also explain the basics of the repair process for you.

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How to Repair and Speed Up Outlook

Hi everybody, today we are going to discuss how to repair and speed up Outlook. It happens to all of us you are trying to open your e-mails and Outlook is working so slow it is almost painful. Outlook works with a proprietary file system called a PST file.  These files are great when they work as intended but they often can get corrupted especially when you are trying to save lots of e-mails. When a PST file gets corrupted or if you are trying to save too much e-mail, your Outlook may not open. Fortunately, Microsoft included a small utility called Scanpst.exe This utility is hidden so you have to look for it in order to run it.

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