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Spam: The Biggest Enemy Of Email

It is an irritating experience to find spam emails in our inbox on a regular basis. ‘You may already have won’ type emails are replacing the old-fashioned newsletters that were once posted through the letterbox. Spammers are quite clever and are finding new and innovative ways to get their spam email through the filters that would otherwise block it and are also smart enough to lead with a subject line that isn’t obviously spam and maybe even arouses your curiosity enough to open it.

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The History of Spam and Common Email Spam Principles

The history of spam is actually quite interesting.  In the late 1800’s sales people would ‘spam’ telegraph lines and
send messages to wealthy land owners about investing opportunities.  In the late 1970’s the military’s web (which preceded today’s internet) was used to send out an offer to 400 people with a poor response.

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