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Why It Is Not Safe To Use Facebook To Log Into Websites

It happens to all of us at some point in time. You want to sign on to a website but you simply do not feel like going through the hassle of creating yet another log in name or Button-login-facebookpassword. You know the drill. This just creates yet another password to add to the list. You look and you see the option to “Log In Using Face Book”. The convenience looks so tempting. In just a couple of clicks you will be on your way with out having to remember another sign-on profile. This is where I ask you to hold on and think again about what you are doing.

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Facebook Marketing, Simple Tips To Find Success

Facebook marketing has become a growing popular platform for businesses to get their message out and heard. You can create a page and start gaining access to the millions of users as potential leads for your business. The first tip should be that you start a page and not a personal profile for your business. A personal profile will only allow you to have 5000 friends while a page will allow you to have as many “likes” as you can get.

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Facebook: Is it here to stay?

Social networks have become extremely popular for personal as well as business use. Facebook has topped the charts with more users than Tom at Myspace ever dreamed of having. So, since Facebook seems to be the place to be, should we believe that it is the place to stay?

Looking back at other social networks such as Myspace, you have to wonder if they are trends and short lived addictions that pass after time or with the coming of a newer, cooler place to be.

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Facebook Improves Security with New Anti-Virus Marketplace

With over 900 million users to look after, Facebook has recently come under pressure to protect its members from highly targeted virus attacks. The reason for Facebook’s popularity is that it provides a safe and secure environment for its members to socialize and communicate with each other. However with so much of our personal information on the social media website, Facebook needs to work harder than ever before to protect our data from Viruses and Spam. In this article, we will explore Facebook’s recent security announcements and what they mean for you as a regular Facebook user.

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