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The Top 5 Toughest Electronic Devices On The Planet!

Hard Core Strong As Steel
Top 5  Electronic Devices That Will Blow Your Mind!

This has to be one of the best video tests I have ever seen on you tube. The video displays how tough a Galaxy mobile phone, a Macbook Pro, an I Pad and a Sony Xperia Z Extreme really are.  You can either buy all 5 of these devices and do the test yourself or sit back and watch as the experts put all five devices through a rigorous torture test!

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Birthday prank a few employees play on their Workers

Did you ever want to do a Birthday prank but just was not sure what to do? This one takes the cake (get it?). Why not try wrapping your co-workers desk in foil? That is exactly what one office team did and the result was amazing. See the totally surprised look on the birthday guys face as he sees his newly decorated office space! A great video to watch to put a smile on your face.

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Woman tries to take a break from her computer, but things don’t work out so well for her.

Her Boss is so worried about the phones he tells everyone to get back to the phones! What would you do in a situation like this? It all goes to show that companies do not care about employees, only the bottom line. In a situation where somebody is hurt, their well-being should be first and the job second. Not a very good move by the boss at all. We all hope that lady was OK after tripping like that.

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We have all had those stressful days in the office when we just have had it !

Have you ever had one of those stressful days at the office when you just felt like cracking? Well here is a variety of examples where office workers just could not take another computer freeze up. Watch as some of these workers totally loose their cool and take matters in their own hands! I guess they should of called Computer Geeks first! A good maintenance program can prevent this kind of frustration.

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Practical Joke played on unsuspecting Co Workers. Watch their hilarious reactions!

With this video you actually wonder if anybody is actually getting any work done! Watch as unsuspecting co-workers get spooked when a stack of boxes lunges out at them. This prank is actually very creative and getting the boxes set up just right took some time. This video just might give you some ideas to have some fun at your own office. If you need a good laugh today, this is the video for you!

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Is Red Really Red? Or Do You See This Color Different Then I Do?

What you see in your mind mind through your eyes might look completely different to another person. Watch and see how this is all put into prospective. So, is your red really red?

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Power of Nanotechnology Will Blow Your Mind For Sure!

See the power of Nanotechnology in action. Watch how the treated surfaces totally stop any contaminants like oil, water or grease from penetrating the surface. this is great technology for gloves and building materials. This video will blow you away!

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Google Glass Is Already Banned Months Ahead Of Its Released date!

Watch to see why Google Glass is already banned in many places. See why this device could be a major security concern. Would you want to get rear-ended by a car whose driver was checking his e-mail while driving using Google Glass? I think not.

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The Cool Smart Watch By, Samsung Its Called the Galaxy Gear!

How cool would it be to talk just like Dick Tracy did back in the day? Well now, your fantasy comes alive with the Smart Watch by Samsung. Now you can have everything you need right on your wrist. And oh, it also tells time. Watch to see this new technology in action.

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Prank pulled on Co Workers by blocking off their offices as they never even existed

What would happen if you went to your job and the place where you had your office no longer existed? Watch to see the reaction from workers when one company did just that for a prank. The reactions from the office workers is priceless. This is a must see video!

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