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Windows 10 Promises To Be The Best Microsoft Operating System

If you are using a computer, and almost all of us are, you are most likely using an operating system that is made by Microsoft. Some of us are still using XP,windows-10 especially if you have a fairly fast machine, while others are using Vista and Windows 7 or 8. By far, the most popular operating system right now is Windows 7. Windows 8 remains to be the operating system that we love to hate. Many that have purchased it have nothing but regrets for the decision that they made.

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What Is The Best Operating System For My Mobile Phone?

Today, more and more folks are checking their Facebook, E- mail and all sorts of other information on the go. With the busy schedule that most folks have, many of us do not have the time to spend an hour or more sitting at our home computers to read all our information. With the rapid increase in Smart Phone sales, it appears that more and more folks are using their phones as part of their office management.

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What is the Best Operating System?

Hi everybody! I am often asked questions about operating systems but by far the question asked most frequently is about what is the best operating system to use. Being a professional technician, I have used everything from Windows 95 to the present Windows 7. I will give you a brief synopsis or history, if you will, on each and then I will  note my favorite and explain why.

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