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How To Tell If Your System Has Been hacked

Probably one of the scariest scenarios you can run across with your computer is if you are typing or browsing the web and suddenly your curser decides to start moving aroundhackers your screen without your interaction. Often times this is due to lag on your computer possibly due to Malware or running programs or in rarer cases it is because somebody has taken control of your system without your knowledge. In order to cure the first reason, a complete computer clean up and tune up will almost always fix the problem. If you have reason to believe that you have been hacked, you need to call a pro immediately.

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Top Tips for Staying Safe Online In The New Age Of 2014!

Today, it is actually getting easier then ever to keep your system free from annoying Spyware. Almost all of the infections we are finding on customers machines was actually children with laptopinstalled by the customer. To top it off, it was installed with their permission. I have several machines in my office ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. Every machine has been virus free for years. It is mostly a matter of knowing when to click and when to not click.

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The Death Of Anti-Virus As We Know It. HELP!

anti-virus software is on its way out

For many years, anti-virus has been a major player in the control of exploits and infections. The truth is that things have dramatically changed and much of the junk that is infesting our computers is not really a virus at all.

 It is considered nuisance Malware. Since this type of infection is not considered a traditional virus, most virus scanners will not catch it. It will pass through unnoticed and in most cases not even a full scan will detect it.

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Microsoft Issues Patch For Internet Explorer GET IT NOW!

We all received a big surprise today when Microsoft issued an out of cycle patch to fix  a vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer. Most of us have been totally microsoft internet explorer patchavoiding using Internet Explorer and have downloaded third party browsers such as Firefox and Maxthon as a workaround. The update will be delivered via automatic update so if you have automatics updates turned off, be sure to turn them back on so you can receive the critical patch.

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Can We Trust The SSL Safety Of The Internet Again with the Heartbleed virus?

It is a no brainer that using the Internet is getting to be a risky option for all of us. If it is not credit card fraud it is code that is created by our own US agencies that either Security SSL lock can we ever trust any more?contains known security flaws when it is released or new security holes that are found after a release. In addition, the stop of support for Windows XP will also add to all this risk. Ironically, Microsoft is still supporting XP in some foreign countries, just not here in the United States. That means that a Microsoft team somewhere is actually still processing patches.

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Home Security Is Not Something To Take Lightly In Todays World!

In the world we live in, bad guys are always trying to take things that do not belong to them. More and more dishonest folks that do not want to make an honest living or thoserobbery-Home-Security that are trying to support a serious drug habit think nothing of destroying your property and taking the things you worked all your life to get. There are things you can do that will greatly improve your chances of keeping the bad guys away from your stuff.

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How Safe Is Your Credit Card Purchase At Your Favorite Retailer?

In seems that no matter where you look in the news, we are seeing yet another retail store having private data scraped from their systems. This problem is becoming more CreditCard-retail storeand more of a concern as would be thieves try to make some easy money instead of making an honest living. It all started out with Target right around the busy holiday shopping period.

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What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Credit Card Theft -Target Stores

Today we almost always use our credit cards for just about every transaction we do. We use it at the gas pump, at the restaurant, the Post Office, the Mall and the list goes ontarget-card and on. In the old days, I actually remember getting my paycheck in all cash. You would walk around all week with a wad of money in your wallet everyplace you went.

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Top Three Free Anti-Virus Programs that you should take advantage of!

With today’s tough economy is a good idea to save money wherever possible. Your anti-virus software is no exception. We have tested several of the top free options and we have some great news about all three. They all performed just as good if not better then some of the top paid brands such as Norton, McCaffee and Trend Micro. In fact, installing most of these paid products can lead your computer to Death Valley.

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Help, My Cell Phone Was Stolen! What Do I Do Next?

Today, we use our cell phones for almost everything we do from making calls to paying bills online. With all that activity being entered into your device, it could become a treasure trove of information for a bad guy.

Unfortunately, most of us do not take many precautions when it comes to using these devices. We never really think or worry about the potential for our device getting stolen. Even I am guilty of that. We take extreme measures to keep our pc safe but not so much for our phones.

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