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Is Your Smart Phone The Valuable Tool That You Believe It Is?

Almost every American today owns a Smart Phone. The truth be told even though these devices are great for convenience, there are plenty of tasks that smart-phonethey just simply cannot do. Our obsession is more of a habit then it is useful.


If you ask someone what is the most used task on your phone, the answer would most likely be social media. Most folks use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis while they are at work and home and unfortunately sometimes while driving. This cannot only be dangerous but it also contributes to less productivity at work.

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Introduction to the Windows 8 Smart Phone -Super Easy Simplified Video

Almost all of us own a Smart Phone that is either an Android or an IOS. The majority of folks do not have Windows 8 phones simply because they do not understand them. windows8-smart-phone-helpThey have a similar look to Windows 8 on your PC but there are some unique differences. One of the great features of this phone is the fact that the tiles update on their own.

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The Smartphone Battle – How To Get The Best Value For Your Money

Buying a new smartphone can be a very difficult decision. There are so many different smartphones to choose from, choosing just one can be a little overwhelming. However, Smartphone-Battlesome people are on a budget. They can’t afford the most top of line of smartphones. Fortunately for them, there are some cheaper smartphones on the market. What are the best smartphones that give you a lot of value for a smaller price? Here they are.

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