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Tablets the new craze. Are going to be the one to contribute to this new hype?

If you’re like me you are glued to either your phone or laptop throughout the day. However I have just purchased my first tablet and let me say I love love love it. It is a Samsungtablets-craze Galaxy 10 inch table. The reason why I purchased it is because I read a lot and purchasing expensive books in both soft back and hardback just to have them sit around and collect dust seemed pointless to me.

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The New Android Version 4.2.2 Is Slowly Being Rolled Out And I love it!


If you own an older Android based tablet or phone, you have probably heard about some of the many security issues that the OS exhibits. It has been quite a long time since the last Android update was released. Depending on the brand of tablet or phone that you have will determine when you actually receive the update on your device.


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Are Ultrabooks and Tablets Going to Take Over Laptops?

With terms such as “ultrabook,” “tablet,” and “laptop” being bandied about, it is difficult for many consumers to determine exactly what the differences between these devices are. It can be even trickier to determine which one is the right purchasing decision. After reading this article, you should be better equipped to choose the correct device for your exact technology needs.


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The Advantages of Owning a Tablet Computer VS. a Laptop PC.

Technology has come a long way in a very short amount of time. Since the invention of cell phones and laptop computers, manufacturers have been trying to find a way to blend the two technologies. Perhaps the most highly debated product of this union of technologies is the tablet.

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Can a Tablet PC Replace Your Current Computer?

With more people opting to buy a tablet PC can they actually replace your laptop? We put a Galaxy to the test to see. On first sight, the tablet was easy to set up and already had a multitude of apps ready to go right out of the box. The set up was painless and we were testing the appliance in a matter of minutes. After connecting the tablet to our Wi-Fi we were ready to test the Internet.  I tried the default browser first and it worked fairly fast going to my favorite websites. The first problem I found is that many of my favorite sites that used java or flash would not load. I had a hard time getting some flash video to work as well. In addition, I could not play many of my favorite games on Facebook. That constitutes one huge strike.

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The Android Apple Tablet Wars.

In 2010, Apple released its first tablet computer. There was a lot of criticism about the name and the fact that it was simply an oversized Ipod touch. To the critics’ surprise, when it was released, Apple sold out of all of them in the first day.


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