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Can my computer screen cause damage to my eyes?

Often you will hear someone complain of eye soreness or dry eyes possibly a sore neck and sometimes even a headache after sitting in front of a computer screen for more than Computer-Eyethree hours at a time. People are often led to believe that continuously looking at a computer screen will cause permanent eye damage.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

The internet has offered many great benefits to its users as well as a few major disadvantages. We use the internet in our daily lives for many things and it has brought conveniences and comforts to our lifestyles that we could not imagine giving up. So, even though there are some risks involved with using the internet, the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages, below is a breakdown of the good and the bad when it comes to the internet.

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A Look At Internet Explorer 10

Windows Explorer 10 is the newest version of Internet Explorer developed by the Microsoft Company. While many of us grumble over having to deal with a new upgrade to our browsers, there are many great benefits that are added to this latest version. IE 10 is said to outperform IE 9 as well as other popular browsers and even offers added protection for your system.

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Maxthon Web Browser

Maxthon web browser has entered the internet browsing wars and offers a faster, more functional browser for those who are looking for something new. Free cloud services are included and offer safe and secure bookmarking, the ability to compile notes securely on the web for use anywhere, anytime and share screen grabs with a built in Snap feature.

You can add flash to your dashboard with customizable skins and use many other free features and tools to make your browser unique to you.

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Facebook Marketing, Simple Tips To Find Success

Facebook marketing has become a growing popular platform for businesses to get their message out and heard. You can create a page and start gaining access to the millions of users as potential leads for your business. The first tip should be that you start a page and not a personal profile for your business. A personal profile will only allow you to have 5000 friends while a page will allow you to have as many “likes” as you can get.

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All About Bluetooth

Bluetooth was designed for low power radio use and can be connected to phones, computers and other network devices. Bluetooth technology was designed primarily for the support of simple wireless networks between devices such as phones, headsets and PDA’s. The wireless signals are transmitted over short distances, usually around 30 feet and communicate at a rate less than 1 mbps.

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Installed new hardware, why is Microsoft Office requesting activation again?

Are you getting a Microsoft Office activation message after recently changing or upgrading computer hardware? From time to time you may wish to upgrade your computer components or add memory to ensure your PC remains up to date and capable of handling your needs. Microsoft Windows is excellent at recognizing system changes and updating drivers if needed. However, Microsoft’s Office software is not always so happy when you change your hardware. If you make some changes to your components then you may discover that the next time you open your favorite document, you could be interrupted by the Microsoft Activation Wizard. This can happen even if you have already activated Office in the past. Today we will explore why this happens, what hardware changes can prompt this error and what you need to do next?

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