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Crypto Wall Virus Is Alive And Well

Hi everybody. Today while working what we thought was a routine computer clean up; we came across a system that was infected with the Crypto Wallvirus virus. Upon inspection, we found that all documents and pictures on this computer were completely inaccessible! The Trojan had done its dirty deed and did its job very well.


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Secret Facts About The Newest Threats How Hackers Can Change your life!


Ransomware is nothing new. It has been around for years but it has been getting more and more sophisticated over the years. The latest flavor was known as Crypto Locker. This nasty piece of software was able to encrypt most of your important files and unless you had a full off-site backup your files were at the mercy of the hackers. Many folks actually paid the ransom because they failed to back up their important files.

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Zeus Botnet Is Temporarily Disabled By FBI, Its about Time!

A new warning by the FBI is telling users to check their computer security today. The agency has been able to temporarily take the botnet down and disrupt the flow of the Zeus Botnet Disabled  by FBIvirus. The Zeus virus works by making the infected computer a part of the malicious chain. Essentially, your computer becomes a server for the bad guys. This particular botnet is designed to scope out user names and passwords and send the information back to the villains. You become part of their army and you do not even have a clue it is happening.

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Beware When Installing A Kaspersky Anti Virus Products

kaspersky  security problems beware

As if we do not have enough security problems to worry about, now we have to worry when we download legitimist anti-virus software and apps. Kaspersky is now warning consumers to be wary when downloading apps on your Android, Windows phone and computer. You need to be 100% sure that you are getting the correct app.


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Deep Fast Scanning For Hidden Computer Spyware Or Malware

In case you have not noticed, Malware is getting into your computer at almost every turn that you make. Everywhere you go and almost everything you download comes withDeep scan for malware on your computer system something that you do not want.

The other day I downloaded a printer driver from HP and I got a Bing add on that I did not want. It is getting harder and harder to keep your computer squeaky clean. In fact, Malware such as Conduit is actually found on some brand new computers right out of the box! You heard right, Malware is on some computers before you even purchase them or bring them home.

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Heartbleed Will Go Down In History As The Top Security Threat of 2014

I am sure you have seen on almost every part of the Internet about a massive security bug called Heartbleed. This security hole is not new in fact it has been around for a heartbleed-openssl-viruscouple of years. The hole was just recently discovered and action was taken by all to get a patch applied to their servers within hours. As far as is known, the vulnerability was never actually exploited because of the timely response of all the affected companies. The response to fix this exploit was amazing.

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New Ransomware Is Worse Then CryptoLocker And It Is Now In The US

Ransomware has been around for a long time. Essentially, ransomware is classified as any Malware that demands money in order to get full use of your computer back. It Ransomware-CryptoLocker-usastarted with simple Malware that would try to get you to buy the fake programs that they would offer up on your machine without your consent. The Malware would usually come from an infected web site or e-mail attachment.


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Should You Believe Everything you Read About Computer Exploits?

Lets face it, we live in a world where many industries thrive on things either going wrong or creating total chaos.  Lets look back at the Y2K syndrome when all the computersComputer-Exploits of the world were supposed to crash when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000. The news was publicizing all kinds of disasters from electrical systems shutting down to a global computer meltdown. January 1 came and went with nothing more then the normal parties and the Times Square ball drop.

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Malwarebytes Version 2 Gets A Huge Makeover – The New Malware Fighter

If you have a computer, most likely at some point you have done a scan with Malwarebytes anti-Malware. For years, this program has helped consumers and pros alike fightmalwarebites-ver2 all types of Malware that other programs simply would not remove. The program works so efficiently that it is actually rare to have a computer experience a no boot situation after a virus removal.


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New Malware Infecting Computers That Are Using Facebook

In a first of a kind Malware threat, cyber bullies are now infecting computers through private Facebook messaging. In previous exploit attempts on Facebook, users would malware-facebook-computersclick on a link that they thought came from somebody they knew and if the link was infected the Malware would enter their computer. Often times this Malware would attempt to gain access to personal information or even important bank account passwords.


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