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Why You Still Need That Old Copper Phone Line

It seems that everybody is in such a hurry to totally get rid of his or her landline phone. It does not seem surprising since almost every human in the United States owns at least one cell phone. Many families have multiple phones and pay a good chunk of change to keep them activated. In some cases, the cell phone is probably the main priority as far as bill importance goes.

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How To Save Money On Your Phone Bill Using Voice Over IP Phones

Talking on the phone today is a whole different animal from what it was several years ago. I remember about ten years ago when a cell phone was a luxury and almost VoIP-Phone-save-moneyeverybody had a pager. Of course when somebody decided to beep you, if you were driving you would have to pull over and find a pay phone. In that time period, there was a pay phone at almost every corner so that was not a big issue. Then you had to make sure you carried some change around with you so you could make the call. They were to good old days.

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How To Handle Poor Cell Reception In Your Home or Office With AT&T


Cell phones are a necessary evil that we all need especially if you have a business. The unfortunate fact is that many locations do not have the optimal coverage that is advertised. Our business is in a location where there are plenty of cell towers but there are lots of trees around our building. You could walk out to the street and get 3 or 4 bars but inside the building, the bars would fluctuate from 1 to 3 and sometimes the phone would completely loose the signal. After several calls to tech support, we finally found a potential solution, which I will talk about in just a bit.

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Why you should use Ventrilo

There are lots of voice communication systems out there right now and as you would expect there are plenty of reasons to choose each of them. Some of them are better for certain applications than others which makes it hard to choose a true winner, but Ventrilo is definitely one you should at least consider.

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