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How Safe Is That Public Wi-Fi?

We all do it at some point in our lives, probably a lot more then less. I am talking about going to your local coffee house and using the public Wi-Fi. It is awifi wonderful convenience and it is also great to get out of the office and relax in a different environment. In most cases, we simply connect and really do not give any though about the many risks that could be involved. Many of us will do our banking, buy stuff from Amazon and log into Facebook without even a second thought. But wait, there are things you need to consider before you potentially give a stranger your bank account password!

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Explaining Why Your Wi-Fi disconnects From Time to Time!

It happens to all of us from time to time, you are working on the Internet and suddenly without warning you get a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” warning or your browser wireless wifi  disconnecting driving me nuts crashes. You wait a minute and try again and everything now seems fine. If this happens once in a great while you should not worry since occasional disconnects are normal and do happen. If you are trying to regain your connection on a regular basis then something is likely causing the problem and it could be anything from Malware to interference.

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What is a Wi-Fi booster extender, and why would I need one?

We’ve all done it: walked around the house with our laptops open, trying to connect to the internet. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when you pay forty dollars or more every month just to have access to the internet. The problem is, your Wi-Fi just does not reach to the farthest corners of your house.


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What Causes Wireless Internet Disconnects?

Today we are going to talk about wireless and why it occasionally disconnects. Wifi connections have made a huge impact on our lives and the way we do things around the home and office. It allows us to take our laptops, phones and tablets almost anywhere and allows us to work in places such as our deck or back porch. We no longer need to run long sections of cat 5 cables through the house or office to get an Internet connection. In recent years, wireless has achieved faster speeds and a longer operating range. Even with all these improvements, wireless can still pose problems with occasional to frequent disconnects which can be irritating at best.

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Computer’s Wi-Fi keeps dropping, what should I do?

Does your computer’s Wi-Fi keep dropping and losing connection? If you are working on an important email or downloading a file it there can be nothing more frustrating than losing your PC’s Wi-Fi connection. We now live in a world where we expect to have an always on accessible internet connection around us. But behind the scenes, your WI-Fi system is constantly working hard to provide a speedy stable connection using hardware and software. Today we will look at what common problems can cause a WI-Fi connection to fail. We will explore how your wireless may suddenly stop working and what you can do to fix it and prevent the problem occurring in the future.

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