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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Keyboard shortcuts Tips and tricks Video!

I think one of the biggest complaints about Windows 8 is the difficulty it poses with trying to navigate the operating system. That is probably the biggest complaint, besides itwindows-8.1-keyboard being too slow. One way to get around that navigation issue is with the use of hotkeys.

Hotkeys have been around for a long time, in fact ever since the first flavor of Windows was introduced. They make many tasks simple by just using a predetermined key sequence to activate the task.

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New Tricks In Windows 8.1 – The Missing Instruction’s You Must See!

While we were still getting used to Windows 8, the new Windows 8.1 has recently been released. The update promised to add some new features but the one feature that windows-8.1everybody was looking for, the Start Menu, was never added.

The new update makes it easier to do things such as resizing the apps on the apps screen. Of course, many of you will never use the app options but they are explained in this video.

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