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Support For Microsoft XP Ends Today – Tips To Help You With XP Ending

The day has finally come when Microsoft hangs up its hat for the last time in regards to Windows XP. This operating system has been one of the best operating systems out windows-xp-support-deadlinethere and many folks are still using it and will continue to use it for another year or two or in some cases even longer. While it is true that many people will upgrade during the coming weeks, many will still continue to use the OS.

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Windows XP Support Ends April 8, Are You Ready? Get your updates now!

The day we have long been dreading is almost here. We have talked about this day in several articles but the reality is that now you have to make your decision. At least 30%windows-xp-updates-done or more of machines still have Windows XP installed on them. That is actually a pretty good sum of systems that are still running the operating system. In the following, we will try to give you the realities and the misconceptions with the end of support.

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Many Organizations Are Going To Keep With Windows XP After April

If you are looking at keeping XP from an economic standpoint, keeping the OS is a good decision. Like I have said before, keeping XP is not going to be all the doom and windows-xp-microsoft-shutgloom that some are trying to portray in other articles.

Think about it, the only solid choice that you have is Windows 7 and Microsoft will likely abandon that OS on us before you know it and you will be again stuck with a needed upgrade.

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Retirement Of Windows XP, Many Security Companies Will Maintain Support

There is lots of talk about how the retirement of XP is going to affect the end user. We know that you will be cut off from new Microsoft Updates and some software venders will no XP-banner-supportlonger offer updates to their programs if you are still using XP. The truth is, there are millions of folks who are still using XP and are going to continue using it on certain machines. Most folks will not throw away a perfect computer just because Microsoft wants them to. If you are a multi-computer home and you have several computers running XP that run perfectly, you will not want to get a new computer with Windows 8 that almost everybody hates.

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