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New Malware Infecting Computers That Are Using Facebook

In a first of a kind Malware threat, cyber bullies are now infecting computers through private Facebook messaging. In previous exploit attempts on Facebook, users would malware-facebook-computersclick on a link that they thought came from somebody they knew and if the link was infected the Malware would enter their computer. Often times this Malware would attempt to gain access to personal information or even important bank account passwords.


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Can A Malware Infection Physically Damage My Computers Hardware Components?

When you are a computer technician, you see Malware of all types and intensities. Some render computers almost useless unless you are in safe mode. In many instances, thevirus-can-kill-computer computer simply will not boot or you cannot access your file system. In a few cases, Trojans such as CryptoLocker will encrypt your most used files allowing no access to them at all. All these infections have one think in common; they did not do any damage to your physical computer.

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4 Tips for Protecting All of the Information on Your Company’s Computers

In today’s world, most employees don’t give computer security a second thought, which can create enormous problems. If a computer isn’t protected properly, it could lead to protect your company's informationidentity theft, data leaks or something even worse. This will cost your company time and a lot of money. To prevent these disasters from happening in the first place, here are four things that you need to do.


#1 Update Your Computers


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Can Computers Replace The Human Workforce In Our Lifetime?

With the invention of the computer, more and more we see jobs that used to be done by a human person slowly being replaced by computerized systems. In some applications, computers help to speed up the processing of huge data humun-robotbases in a way that no human could ever dream of.

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Seniors Using Computers May be Less Depressed

The new technology that we have in our lives has helped to add convenience as well as comfort to our world. With social networks, e-mails and other instant forms of communication it has made it even easier to connect with our family and loved ones. Entertainment is a huge part of our lives and computers have offered it to us in many forms, games, information, television online, movies, music and much more. With all of the conveniences and comforts given to us by computers, why would it not be a logical solution to depression to get seniors involved with them?

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How Has Technology Changed Your Life

Technology has been sneaking up on us for decades and with each year we find that we have something new that we will soon learn we cannot live without. While many of use grew up without the technology we have today and seemed to manage just fine, we would not want to go back to that lifestyle. We have grown accustomed to convenience and computers, handhelds, cell phones and the internet has certainly delivered.

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Computer’s Wi-Fi keeps dropping, what should I do?

Does your computer’s Wi-Fi keep dropping and losing connection? If you are working on an important email or downloading a file it there can be nothing more frustrating than losing your PC’s Wi-Fi connection. We now live in a world where we expect to have an always on accessible internet connection around us. But behind the scenes, your WI-Fi system is constantly working hard to provide a speedy stable connection using hardware and software. Today we will look at what common problems can cause a WI-Fi connection to fail. We will explore how your wireless may suddenly stop working and what you can do to fix it and prevent the problem occurring in the future.

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