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Internet Explorer is History – Windows 10 Boasts A Brand New Browser!

Microsoft and Internet Explorer are synonymous names that have been together since 1995. In its long history, Internet Explorer has been loved by someinternet .png-large but hated by most. The browser has always had its share of security flaws and in some cases, it was brought to the attention of Homeland Security which flat out told users not to use it until certain security flaws were patched. To this day, there are still a good amount of folks using Internet Explorer and many of those are doing so out of habit and because it was the browser packaged with their computer. Many of those that are in use are out of date versions that have multiple security flaws.

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Microsoft Issues Patch For Internet Explorer GET IT NOW!

We all received a big surprise today when Microsoft issued an out of cycle patch to fix  a vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer. Most of us have been totally microsoft internet explorer patchavoiding using Internet Explorer and have downloaded third party browsers such as Firefox and Maxthon as a workaround. The update will be delivered via automatic update so if you have automatics updates turned off, be sure to turn them back on so you can receive the critical patch.

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Is your Internet Explorer Running Slow? Heres how to Fix the Problem

Is your internet explorer browser running slow? Are you feeling irritated and struggling to fix the issue? Here are some easy but effective tips that will help you to fix the problem.

Download a newer version of IE

Upgrading to a newer internet explorer version may solve the issue. You can experience more responsive and faster web browsing by downloading a newer Internet Explorer. If you are working on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can download the new Internet Explorer 9. You can download IE 8, if you are using Windows XP.

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Top 5 internet web browsers, who is the leader?

What are the top 5 Internet Browsers? Are you debating over this issue? It is really a bit difficult task to crown any one Internet browser as the leader. Though there are three major browsers that deserve to be in the list of major and top Internet browsers. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are still dominating the market with their increasing and steady popularity, and usage. However, there are a few other browsers too that have been successful to enroll their names in the list of Top 5 Internet web browsers.

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Why Internet Explorer Browser Updates Are Necessary

Updates are created for software for many reasons. One of these reasons is for compatibility, one is for functionality, and one is for appearance, to name a few. Internet browsers require updates fairly regularly because of how risky the internet can be, but also because of how often it changes. Web developers make changes to their websites regularly. If browsers do not keep up, users won’t be able to access these sites, which is what makes the browser useless.

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New Exploit for Internet Explorer Revealed

Today we are going to talk about the safety of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is the original browser that has shipped with all versions of the Windows operating system. Internet explorer has had a very rocky past with numerous hacks and security flaws and is almost always the target of Malware and hacker attacks. In addition to the many security flaws, there has also been a large amount of performance issues as well. In some of the later versions of IE from IE 8 and later, there have been numerous complaints of web pages not loading or sometimes loading very slowly. These issues still remain as Microsoft continues to roll out new versions of the famous browser. The newest version is IE 10, which will be released, with Windows 8 late in October.

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The Top Five Best Internet Web Browsers. Is Google Chrome the best?

When it comes to modern-day technology there is not a more important piece of software than the web browser. Due to its frequent use, the web browser is also one of the most debated pieces of software on the market as well. Although different users will undoubtedly have their own favorite web-browsing tool, following are five of the top web browsers available today.


  • Google Chrome


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Is Internet Explorer Needed On My Windows Install?

In this article we are going to talk about Internet Explorer and if is needed to remain on a Windows install. Internet explorer is shipped and has always shipped stock with every version of the Windows operating system. Some of us use it faithfully while others of us want no part of it (I am included in that category). In theory many believe that if you download another browser like Maxthon or Firefox, you do not need to keep IE on your computer. This is not true at all. Even if you use a secondary browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer is still needed on your system. You do not have to use it and you can delete the icon but the core program must stay.

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