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New Internet Explorer Exploit Affects All Versions Of Internet Explorer

Exploits to Internet Explorer are nothing new and in fact have been a major issue for most of its lifetime. For years, we have advised folks to stay away from Internet Explorer Internet Explorer is getting hacked and use more secure browsers such as Firefox and Maxthon. Besides being so problematic, it is also a part of the operating system and repairing it can sometimes be impossible without a complete computer reformat.


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Google Is Buying Internet Thermostats and smoke alarms, Oh My!

You may or may not of heard that the search giant, Google, is interested in buying a company that makes Internet thermostats and smoke alarms. The company is called NestNest-smoke-detector and they have been making the luxury devices since 2011. The technology is actually somewhat new and a look online will yield mixed results on the reviews.

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How Does Weather affect Your Internet Use? Can it Slow Your Down?

As I am writing this article, many of you are just getting over a huge storm called Hercules that dumped tons of snow throughout the Mid West and North East. Since our internet-trafic-slowoffice is located in Florida, we very rarely see any form of frozen precipitation but it does sometimes snow just to our north in Georgia and occasionally in the Florida Panhandle. When it snows and it is freezing cold outside, you usually try to stay indoors where it is warm, toasty and cozy.

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How Can I Reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer, Its not working Help!

Internet Explorer is one of the most mocked applications on the planet. It is hated by many and cursed by others, especially when it does not work. It seems that Microsoft keeps rolling out new versions of the browser even before things in the last version are fixed. The truth is that without IE, we would not be able to use most of the third party browsers like AOL, Firefox and Chrome. They all rely to some extent on Internet Explorer.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

The internet has offered many great benefits to its users as well as a few major disadvantages. We use the internet in our daily lives for many things and it has brought conveniences and comforts to our lifestyles that we could not imagine giving up. So, even though there are some risks involved with using the internet, the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages, below is a breakdown of the good and the bad when it comes to the internet.

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What Is a Web Browser and Why Do We Need One?

The first web browser was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 and was known as the WorldWideWeb but later became renamed to Nexus. Mosaic was later introduced in 1993 which later became known as Netscape, this was the first browser that became popular among users. Netscape offered something that users were looking for and craving, simplicity. With the ability to easily find information through this browser interface, more and more people became interested in the WorldWideWeb.

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Top 5 Reasons to Download Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has become a popular choice for internet users when it comes to browsers. If you have not tried Firefox yet, here are the top five reasons why you should:

  1. It’s Free And Easy

Mozilla Firefox is completely free. You can download the browser directly from their home page or through various top download sites. The Mozilla Corporation is a nonprofit, tax exempt foundation and they offer their innovative software at absolutely no cost to you. Since, Mozilla is funded strictly by donations they will gladly accept your contributions if you choose to give, but you are not required in any way to spend a dime on the software.

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