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Top Tips for Staying Safe Online In The New Age Of 2014!

Today, it is actually getting easier then ever to keep your system free from annoying Spyware. Almost all of the infections we are finding on customers machines was actually children with laptopinstalled by the customer. To top it off, it was installed with their permission. I have several machines in my office ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. Every machine has been virus free for years. It is mostly a matter of knowing when to click and when to not click.

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Deep Fast Scanning For Hidden Computer Spyware Or Malware

In case you have not noticed, Malware is getting into your computer at almost every turn that you make. Everywhere you go and almost everything you download comes withDeep scan for malware on your computer system something that you do not want.

The other day I downloaded a printer driver from HP and I got a Bing add on that I did not want. It is getting harder and harder to keep your computer squeaky clean. In fact, Malware such as Conduit is actually found on some brand new computers right out of the box! You heard right, Malware is on some computers before you even purchase them or bring them home.

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New Malware Infecting Computers That Are Using Facebook

In a first of a kind Malware threat, cyber bullies are now infecting computers through private Facebook messaging. In previous exploit attempts on Facebook, users would malware-facebook-computersclick on a link that they thought came from somebody they knew and if the link was infected the Malware would enter their computer. Often times this Malware would attempt to gain access to personal information or even important bank account passwords.


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A Closer Look at the 3 Largest Malware Networks

For every malware network that is eliminated, several more are discovered.  While knowing the details of every malware network is not helpful for the average Internet user, understanding how the largest networks operate can provide a great deal of insight.  It can also help determine the best Internet security practices by identifying how devices are compromised.  It also demonstrates how cyber criminals bypass Internet security strategies.  The number of malicious sites increased by 240% in 2011 which means users should be more cognizant of Internet security risks than ever.  The primary reasons that the number of sites continues to rise are that cyber criminals rotate domain names and malicious software kits are easier to buy and customize than ever before.

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New Malware Geared Towards Skype

There is a new threat to watch out for and this time it is geared toward Skype users. It appears that the software is generating bogus messages that could potentially contain a link that could take you to an infected website.

I have already cleaned up a couple of computers this week that contained ransom ware that appeared to come through the popular software. When removing the virus, the date and time on the virus matched new file activity on the Skype software to almost the same date and time.

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5 Tell-Tale Signs of Rootkit virus Infection.

Are you concerned that your computer may have been infected by a nasty Root kit Virus? A root kit virus is perhaps one the most serious and potentially problematic types of computer virus you can ever experience. The Root kit itself is not so much the problem, but what the Root kit does next however is. The virus hides in your Windows OS and allows for other problematic malware programs and processes to run. There are several variations of Root kit Viruses and millions of computers around the world have been attacked by this troublesome type of malware. Fortunately there are common signs that can help you to identify if you’re PC or Laptop has caught a root kit virus. Today we will look at the Top 5 most common signs that your PC has been infected and explore what options you have to remove it.

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Are you aware that 35,000 new types of malware are released every day?

Malware is unfortunately one of the biggest problems your computer will ever have to deal with. Malware is malicious software that is created by computer hackers, spammers and fraudsters to solely perform untold damage on your PC, your files and your data. But while anti-virus programs and browser updates try to protect you against these horrible issues, you may be surprised to learn that 35,000 new types of malware are released across the world each day? In this brief guide we will explain the basics of Malware, the most common types of malware problems and how you can protect yourself and your PC.

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Windows Is Not Genuine

Hi everybody today I am going to talk about what to do if you receive the Windows Is Not Genuine alert on your machine. First of all, this message can originate in different ways. Here a few of the scenarios that can cause this annoying alert.

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Should I Use The Quick Scan or Full Scan Option When Scanning For Malware?

Hi everybody today we are going to talk about scanning options for malware removal programs. I often am asked what is the best method for scanning my computer with an anti virus program? In this issue we will discuss the best way to do it and why. The answer might actually surprise you.

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