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The Death Of Anti-Virus As We Know It. HELP!

anti-virus software is on its way out

For many years, anti-virus has been a major player in the control of exploits and infections. The truth is that things have dramatically changed and much of the junk that is infesting our computers is not really a virus at all.

 It is considered nuisance Malware. Since this type of infection is not considered a traditional virus, most virus scanners will not catch it. It will pass through unnoticed and in most cases not even a full scan will detect it.

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Malwarebytes Version 2 Gets A Huge Makeover – The New Malware Fighter

If you have a computer, most likely at some point you have done a scan with Malwarebytes anti-Malware. For years, this program has helped consumers and pros alike fightmalwarebites-ver2 all types of Malware that other programs simply would not remove. The program works so efficiently that it is actually rare to have a computer experience a no boot situation after a virus removal.


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Malwarebytes Anti-exploit – How This Program Can Help You From Getting A Bad Virus!

Malwarebytes anti-exploit is a new program designed to stop certain malicious programs from accessing your computer. It offers protection from Java exploits, browser malwarebytes-anti-exploit-rexploits, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word, Excell, Power Point, Windows Media Player, flash player, VLC player, Winamp Player and more.

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Having Trouble installing Or Running Malwarebytes? Chameleon Will Help

How often have you been infected with a virus and you cannot do anything with your machine? Here is a great video that shows you how to use a hidden tool that is in the Malwarebytes program. The program is called Chameleon. Essentially, this program runs a separate process as a DOS prompt and allows you to kill rouge processes and download and update Malwarebytes on your local computer. As the video explains, you might have to download the program on a USB stick from a known good computer in order to execute the program.

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Is It Safe To Download Free Software?

Hi everybody today we are going to discuss if it is safe to download free software. If you look around the web, you are going to find hundreds if not thousands of downloads that claim to be free. Only a small percentage of these down loads will actually be considered safe. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of free downloads out there that are considered totally safe and many are extremely useful.

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Should I Use The Quick Scan or Full Scan Option When Scanning For Malware?

Hi everybody today we are going to talk about scanning options for malware removal programs. I often am asked what is the best method for scanning my computer with an anti virus program? In this issue we will discuss the best way to do it and why. The answer might actually surprise you.

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