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Malwarebytes Version 2 Gets A Huge Makeover – The New Malware Fighter

If you have a computer, most likely at some point you have done a scan with Malwarebytes anti-Malware. For years, this program has helped consumers and pros alike fightmalwarebites-ver2 all types of Malware that other programs simply would not remove. The program works so efficiently that it is actually rare to have a computer experience a no boot situation after a virus removal.


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New Malware Infecting Computers That Are Using Facebook

In a first of a kind Malware threat, cyber bullies are now infecting computers through private Facebook messaging. In previous exploit attempts on Facebook, users would malware-facebook-computersclick on a link that they thought came from somebody they knew and if the link was infected the Malware would enter their computer. Often times this Malware would attempt to gain access to personal information or even important bank account passwords.


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Technology 101 – What New Innovations Will Make A Difference In Your Life

The new innovations in technology have significantly improved the way that people interact in their homes and offices. They are making a difference in the ease of use and tech-change-lifeconvenience of daily activities. Here are some examples of the technologies that are making a difference:

1. Project a 3D Hologram to as a Reminder

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New Tricks In Windows 8.1 – The Missing Instruction’s You Must See!

While we were still getting used to Windows 8, the new Windows 8.1 has recently been released. The update promised to add some new features but the one feature that windows-8.1everybody was looking for, the Start Menu, was never added.

The new update makes it easier to do things such as resizing the apps on the apps screen. Of course, many of you will never use the app options but they are explained in this video.

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Why Is It A Good Idea Not To Buy That New Gadget The Day It Comes Out?

Whenever you hear about a new toy or gadget that has been released, many adventurous folks want to be the first ones to grab the goods and try them out. That can be a good thing but many times it is a bad thing and potentially even a gamble of your hard-earned money.


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Is it time to get a new PC?

In today’s digital age, with more and more of us living our lives online – bet it for work or just for social reasons – we can’t live without our computers.


Imagine life before email.


Imagine life before social media.


Imagine life before Google.


See what we mean? You rely on your PC today, more than ever before.


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