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Choose a big retail chain or a small business to fix your slow PC?

Ok first off let me tell you that I am a part of a smaller company so I may bit biased during this article and may tend to lean more towards the smaller online computer repair shopsnerd as opposed to those bigger chains and smaller local computer repair shops.

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Is it worth opening a PC Repair shop storefront in today’s world, yes or no?

If you ever came to me and asked me the question if it is worth putting all your hard earned money into a storefront to fix the hardware on computers, my answer would be definitely not!

I will get right to the point and tell you why you should not do it!

1. Computers are now considered a throw away item just like most small appliances!  Its not the old days any more wake up people!

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What Has Caused The Massive Decline In PC Sales The Past Two Years?

In the beginning, there was Windows 95. This marked a milestone in computer technology. Whenever there was an update to Windows or even a service pack, Microsoft would often add new features to the Operating System or at the least it would add options that helped your computer run faster or more efficient. People were excited; everybody was running out to get a new computer with this great operating system. Computer sales began to soar.

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Tips on Fixing Common PC Problems

With time, computers will often become slow. Sometimes the PC may stop working altogether. But many of these problems may not be major issues and can be fixed quite easily.

Clean the PC off unnecessary files

Some files on the computer are just a load on the system’s resources. Examples are temporary internet files, recycle bin files, system memory error dump files, etc. You can actually remove them without affecting the computer.


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Computer Repair it only makes sense to get your PC fixed remotely

Anyone who owns a computer knows how frustrating it is to have misplaced files and programs which will not run. The fact is it does not take a virus or other computer threat to cause these mishaps to occur. Often installing a program not designed to run with the components on the computer can cause errors in the system’s registry. Fortunately, many of these problems can be fixed through a remote service.

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A PC Gamers Guide to Understanding and Fixing Low Frame Rate.

There are thousands of gamers worldwide who don’t have a computer that is capable of playing today’s best PC games. The biggest reason why most computers are not able to run modern games is because they do not have the required hardware. And, this lack of hardware leads to a reduced frame rate.

A low frame rate, or low frames per second (FPS), will basically make it impossible to play your favorite PC games. However, if you can improve your frame rate, you can start gaming at a high level again.

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Are Mobile Devices the New Desktop PCs?

October 2012 will always be remembered as the month Microsoft chose to fire its first major salvo in the battle for tablet supremacy. Two Microsoft Surface tablets, one loaded with Windows RT and the other one with Windows 8 Pro made a significant splash into the personal computing marketplace, virtually around the same time Apple hosted a product release event for new additions to its popular iPad lineup.

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A PC For Women, By Women

Women, like men, tend to have their own personal preference when it comes to everything from interior design to cars to computers. Recently, a PC was designed for women, by women, and it’s from the manufacturer Fujitsu.

Floral Kiss, the brand of personal computers designed by the female employees of Fujitsu, boasts elegance in the form of design, size, accessories, applications, chargers and more. The first PC to be released within this brand is an Ultrabook, named Lifebook, that has the Windows 8 operating system installed, along with a third generation Intel Core i5 processor, 500GB hard drive, and access to Fujitsu’s personal cloud service, named My Cloud.

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Assemble Your Own PC and Save Money!

Buying a new rig is expensive and unnecessary. With all the parts and equipment floating around, assembling your own PC is the cheaper option. It’s also rewarding and nowhere near as challenging as you would imagine! If you know what you’re doing, putting together your own computer can save up to $300 or more. Building your own PC not only gives you complete familiarity with your computer and how it works, it also guarantees that you get exactly what you want, how you want and when you want it.

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Is it time to get a new PC?

In today’s digital age, with more and more of us living our lives online – bet it for work or just for social reasons – we can’t live without our computers.


Imagine life before email.


Imagine life before social media.


Imagine life before Google.


See what we mean? You rely on your PC today, more than ever before.


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