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Tech Protection – 6 Ways To Protect Your Company’s Brand Online

When businesses establish a brand, they must understand various legal issues. The legal procedures ensure the brand’s protection. Legal issues involve patent registration, business-securitycopyright of the brand’s symbols and name, and the trademark. Businesses that fully protect their brands clear contracts, and they inspect their legal filings. It is best to act fast to avoid claims and conflict from other similar companies. To reduce issues, companies use six useful legal procedures.

Preserving The Patent

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How Can I Protect Myself From Getting My Passwords Hacked?

You hear about it almost everyday and you see it every time you check the latest news. Thieves are always trying to get into your accounts and steal your passwords. If it is not passwords-hackeddone through your local computer it is getting done through companies in which you have accounts stored.

Just this week Google, Yahoo, Twitter and others announced that over 2 million stolen passwords were uploaded to the Internet for criminal eyes to view.

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CryptoLocker Malware What is it? How do you protect your self against it?

Crypto Locker is now rated as one of the most successful Malware attacks ever made. Once infected, there is little that can be done to get back your files unless you either feed the bad guys by paying the ransom or restoring your files from a backup. This virus does not discriminate. Even police departments can get infected.


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How Can I Protect My Computer So My Children Can Use It?

Chances are if you’re a parent, you’ve experienced having your children mess up something you own. Generally we take this in stride; it’s part of being a parent and comes with the territory. However, when that something is your computer, it’s important to set boundaries.


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