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What Is Going On With Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows XP?

It is a well-known fact that support on Windows XP has been dropped as of April 8, 2014. Many folks, including myself, are still using the OS on certain computers. So far, I windows xp stopping support for security essentialshave had no issues with my XP installations. I did have an issue with my installation of Security Essentials, however. This issue appears to be very common amongst the Windows XP users. It appears that through Microsoft update, Microsoft has made your Security Essentials look more like a threatening virus then a product that is supposed to protect you.

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Retirement Of Windows XP, Many Security Companies Will Maintain Support

There is lots of talk about how the retirement of XP is going to affect the end user. We know that you will be cut off from new Microsoft Updates and some software venders will no XP-banner-supportlonger offer updates to their programs if you are still using XP. The truth is, there are millions of folks who are still using XP and are going to continue using it on certain machines. Most folks will not throw away a perfect computer just because Microsoft wants them to. If you are a multi-computer home and you have several computers running XP that run perfectly, you will not want to get a new computer with Windows 8 that almost everybody hates.

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Should I Be Using The Highest Priced Security Software Available?

One of the most important parts of your security center on your computer should be your anti-virus program. There are literally hundreds of products out there to choose from. computer-chipSome will take a nice toll on your finances every year while others will simply slow down your computer and still allow almost every thing through.


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Five Ideas for Better Security for Cloud Computing

Although cloud computing adoption continues to grow, security continues to be a serious concern. Security is still evolving and superior approaches to policies and practices are emerging. Studies reveal that security is among the three main concerns that business executives have when they consider moving critical business data to the cloud. dell  Cloud Computing

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Why Cloud Security is Important

It’s no secret that the most efficiently run businesses in today’s markets are those that utilize cloud technology. Cloud computing offers many services, and even more services seem to crop up every day. When companies take advantage of all that cloud computing has to offer, they’re choosing to streamline their businesses and allow operations to reach peak performance. But these companies must also consider how they’re going to keep all of their data and information in the cloud secure.

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4 Simple Ways to Protect the Security of Your Email Account

Email accounts are often considered easy targets for hackers. Once your email password gets in the wrong hands, your privacy and online reputation can suffer tremendously as a result. If you want to protect the security of your email account, consider taking these four steps:

1. Change your password

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The Security Found in Windows 8 Sucks!

With the advent of the computer also came unethical computer whizzes, who enjoyed the idea of wreaking havoc with it. It was not long after PC’s became essential household items that brilliant people decided to use their genius to make people’s lives miserable. Instead of writing programs to benefit those with computers, they decided to write programs to destroy their computers.


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Facebook Improves Security with New Anti-Virus Marketplace

With over 900 million users to look after, Facebook has recently come under pressure to protect its members from highly targeted virus attacks. The reason for Facebook’s popularity is that it provides a safe and secure environment for its members to socialize and communicate with each other. However with so much of our personal information on the social media website, Facebook needs to work harder than ever before to protect our data from Viruses and Spam. In this article, we will explore Facebook’s recent security announcements and what they mean for you as a regular Facebook user.

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