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My Computer Is Slow, What Could Be The Problem? Please Speed It Up!

One of the biggest complaints we get from customers is that their computer is slow. There are many reasons for this and usually it is not something you can diagnose yourself. why-is-my-PC-running-slowThe truth is, many issues related to speed are often caused by your Internet speed. Often time’s folks will go out and buy a brand new machine and notice that the new machine is just as slow as the old one.

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How Does Weather affect Your Internet Use? Can it Slow Your Down?

As I am writing this article, many of you are just getting over a huge storm called Hercules that dumped tons of snow throughout the Mid West and North East. Since our internet-trafic-slowoffice is located in Florida, we very rarely see any form of frozen precipitation but it does sometimes snow just to our north in Georgia and occasionally in the Florida Panhandle. When it snows and it is freezing cold outside, you usually try to stay indoors where it is warm, toasty and cozy.

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Choose a big retail chain or a small business to fix your slow PC?

Ok first off let me tell you that I am a part of a smaller company so I may bit biased during this article and may tend to lean more towards the smaller online computer repair shopsnerd as opposed to those bigger chains and smaller local computer repair shops.

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Slow Computer? Steps You Can Take to Improve Your PC’s Performance.


There is a point for every computer user where they come to the sad realization that their beloved PC doesn’t seem to be as speedy as when they initially purchased it. Many users assume that when their computer slows down, it is simply time for a new computer.


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I think Norton and McAfee slow computers down to a crawl

Are you experiencing a major slow computer you believe is due to Norton or McAfee anti-virus? A slow computer can be hugely frustrating and often you may be looking at the programs you have running to see which software is to blame. If you feel that Norton or McAfee anti-virus programers are the cause of this issue, you may feel like simply uninstalling the popular software programs. However before you put yourself at risk you consider a few factors first. Today we will look at the possible issues behind Norton and McAfee slowing your computer down to a crawl.

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