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Introduction to the Windows 8 Smart Phone -Super Easy Simplified Video

Almost all of us own a Smart Phone that is either an Android or an IOS. The majority of folks do not have Windows 8 phones simply because they do not understand them. windows8-smart-phone-helpThey have a similar look to Windows 8 on your PC but there are some unique differences. One of the great features of this phone is the fact that the tiles update on their own.

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Can I Get A Virus On My Android Tablet or Smart Phone?

In the past, if you had a mobile phone you did not have to worry about getting a virus on a mobile device. Today, things are a lot different. With thousands of new apps being android-virusadded to the app store everyday it is almost impossible for Google to police and check every single one. If you own an Apple IOS the chances are a little less because there is more control to the Apple store.

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Protecting your Valuable Smart Phone with the Otter Box

In today’s world, the use of your Smart Phone is as much a part of your life as eating breakfast. We carry the devices wherever we go. We use them while walking, at the gym, doingotterbox-iphone-4 yard work, shopping and sometimes even while taking a bath. With all this abuse, it is almost certain that at some point in time your phone is going to get damaged.


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Your business Can Benefit With A Smart Phone App

In today’s world, more and more people are using Smart Phones as not only a phone but also as a traveling computer. In fact, most phones that are made today are actually notsmart-phone even optimized for the best voice quality; they are optimized for you to run your apps and work online. This trend will continue to accelerate in the coming years. More people are looking for your business with a mobile device then ever before.

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The iPhone

The iPhone has been a leading smart phone since its release in 2007. It was one of the first phones that allowed you to capture video, listen to multimedia files and offer email browsing as well as the ability to download and install applications to make your life more entertaining as well as easier. The fifth generation of iPhone was released in October 2011 and has brought with it more features, easier accessibility and more functions than ever before.

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