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Can We Trust The SSL Safety Of The Internet Again with the Heartbleed virus?

It is a no brainer that using the Internet is getting to be a risky option for all of us. If it is not credit card fraud it is code that is created by our own US agencies that either Security SSL lock can we ever trust any more?contains known security flaws when it is released or new security holes that are found after a release. In addition, the stop of support for Windows XP will also add to all this risk. Ironically, Microsoft is still supporting XP in some foreign countries, just not here in the United States. That means that a Microsoft team somewhere is actually still processing patches.

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Malwarebytes Anti-exploit – How This Program Can Help You From Getting A Bad Virus!

Malwarebytes anti-exploit is a new program designed to stop certain malicious programs from accessing your computer. It offers protection from Java exploits, browser malwarebytes-anti-exploit-rexploits, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word, Excell, Power Point, Windows Media Player, flash player, VLC player, Winamp Player and more.

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Can I Get A Virus On My Android Tablet or Smart Phone?

In the past, if you had a mobile phone you did not have to worry about getting a virus on a mobile device. Today, things are a lot different. With thousands of new apps being android-virusadded to the app store everyday it is almost impossible for Google to police and check every single one. If you own an Apple IOS the chances are a little less because there is more control to the Apple store.

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Yes,Even Macs Can Get Virus Infections! Mac Users Are Not Always Safe

Most people believe that if they own a Mac that they will not get a virus. In fact, many folks are buying Macs for that very reason. In the last year or so, I have seen many die-hard flashback-trojan-mac-virusPC users turn to the Mac format.

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CryptoLocker Is The New and Most Feared Virus in History and For Good Reason

CryptoLocker Ransom Ware Is Here To Stay In 2014

Until last month, the worst virus that you could get on your system was ransom ware called the FBI virus. This virus came in many forms but the end result was always the same. imagesThe virus would hold you “ransom” and would not allow you to get into your computer. The virus would not allow you to do anything on your computer at all. The good news was that in the majority of cases, we were able to get around the virus and remove it without any ill effects on the computer.

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DNS Changer Virus Removal : Getting the Help You Need

Viruses. Almost anyone who owns a computer is vulnerable to them. They form alliances with malware, the sneaky software that goes around your antivirus and disables it. They attack your computer where it is most vulnerable — its code. Most of the time, this malicious software is created by developers who have too much time on their hands and nothing better to do.


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Computer Geeks Online Special! FBI Virus Removal..

Just when you thought it was safe to go online several new virus infections have been introduced into the wild. One is the FBI scam. You might receive a warning on your computer telling you that you have copy write material on your system. The page will lock your computer and not allow you to do anything. This type of infection requires a professional to remove.

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Macs get viruses too, Your Might want to consider installing an Anti-Virus for Mac.

Are you wondering if your Apple Mac computer can get a virus? The answer is yes.


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5 Tell-Tale Signs of Rootkit virus Infection.

Are you concerned that your computer may have been infected by a nasty Root kit Virus? A root kit virus is perhaps one the most serious and potentially problematic types of computer virus you can ever experience. The Root kit itself is not so much the problem, but what the Root kit does next however is. The virus hides in your Windows OS and allows for other problematic malware programs and processes to run. There are several variations of Root kit Viruses and millions of computers around the world have been attacked by this troublesome type of malware. Fortunately there are common signs that can help you to identify if you’re PC or Laptop has caught a root kit virus. Today we will look at the Top 5 most common signs that your PC has been infected and explore what options you have to remove it.

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I have a blue screen of death, should I reformat or call for remote help?

Has your PC just experienced the dreaded “blue screen of death”? Most Windows PC’s at some point in their lifetime may experience a major system fault which will prevent you from being able to do anything on your computer. The system crash normally results in a full blue screen error message, often with an equally large numbered sequence of numbers. There can be several causes of a blue screen crash and often they can be both software and hardware related. However if your PC has just experienced this fault what should you do? If this fault continues then is a Windows Reformat needed or should your call a computer repair specialist for remote help? In this brief guide we will explore the options to repair your computer quickly.

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