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Windows 7 Style Start Menu – Will Be Soon Available On Windows 8!

Windows 8 has become the operating system that we all just love to hate. Microsoft windows-start-menusimply made the huge mistake of trying to combine a mobile platform with a PC platform.

For some time, users were all flocking to buy tablets. What we are seeing is that these same folks are finding out that a tablet simply cannot replace a full-bodied computer system. Folks are starting to go back to the traditional laptop or desktop PC so they have the power to do everything that they want.

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Will Microsoft Windows 7 Make A Temporary Comeback Yes Or No?

With all the bad hype and constant complaints of Windows 8, it is no wonder that some vendors are getting smart and beginning to offer Windows again as an alternative. Thewindows8-sucks truth is Windows 7 is a rock solid stable operating system with all the security of Windows 8. It has a familiar and comfortable user interface that is liked by almost all Windows users. As you know, Microsoft decided to make an operating system that would run on both touch screen and conventional computers.

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How to Effectively Configure Windows 7 Parental Controls

Children are curious by nature, and tend to rebel as they grow older. The internet can provide a wealth of information to students; but we all know its drawbacks. There’s a lot of stuff out there which is absolutely inappropriate for kids. So how can you ensure that they do not access content that they should not?

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What Are Windows Libraries?

Today we are going to talk about Windows Libraries and exactly what they are. If you are using a Windows 7 computer in all likelihood you have seen a category in your Windows Explorer called Libraries. Most people who look at it simply think that they are their main folders just like in Windows XP. I think Microsoft made these just to be confusing. The far truth is that they are not folders at all. A Library is actually a compilation of folders that are located on your computer. It is a collected view of several folders all put together. The Library allows you to organize your folders by date, type or last modified.

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How To Perform a Repair Install Of Windows 7

Hi everybody today we are going to talk about how to do a repair install of Windows 7. Sometime in the life of almost every operating system the need to refresh the original Windows files will become necessary. This is what a Repair Install will do. A program you installed might have caused the problem or you might of experienced a severe Malware infection. In any case, if you are having severe problems with your computer after a Malware removal, a repair install might be in order. To do this, you will need to meet certain criteria. The computer has to be at least bootable so you can run your current version of Windows. Ion addition, you will need your original Windows installation disk. The disk will have to match exactly including the service pack. If you cannot line up all of these items exactly, you will not be able to do the repair install. If you can say yes to the above, you are good to go.

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Choosing The Best Desktop Weather Software

Hi everybody. With the summer storm season upon us, bad weather can wreck havoc on your day or night in an instant. It is more important then ever to know when storms are approaching your region. To complicate things even more, we are usually indoors working on our computers with no idea what is going on outside. Fortunately, there are easy ways to stay informed while you work. In this column, I will discuss a few of the best programs to use for keeping tabs on the weather and basic instructions on how to use them.

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What is the Best Operating System?

Hi everybody! I am often asked questions about operating systems but by far the question asked most frequently is about what is the best operating system to use. Being a professional technician, I have used everything from Windows 95 to the present Windows 7. I will give you a brief synopsis or history, if you will, on each and then I will  note my favorite and explain why.

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