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Windows 7 Style Start Menu – Will Be Soon Available On Windows 8!

Windows 8 has become the operating system that we all just love to hate. Microsoft windows-start-menusimply made the huge mistake of trying to combine a mobile platform with a PC platform.

For some time, users were all flocking to buy tablets. What we are seeing is that these same folks are finding out that a tablet simply cannot replace a full-bodied computer system. Folks are starting to go back to the traditional laptop or desktop PC so they have the power to do everything that they want.

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Introduction to the Windows 8 Smart Phone -Super Easy Simplified Video

Almost all of us own a Smart Phone that is either an Android or an IOS. The majority of folks do not have Windows 8 phones simply because they do not understand them. windows8-smart-phone-helpThey have a similar look to Windows 8 on your PC but there are some unique differences. One of the great features of this phone is the fact that the tiles update on their own.

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Windows 8 Tutorial Using The Charms Bar, Touch Screen And Gestures

If you own a touch screen computer or you are using Windows 8 using a phone or tablet, navigating the operating system is somewhat different then if you are using a mousewindows8-Charms-Bar on a conventional computer. It is true that you can mimic many of the functions that you do with a mouse but there are a ton of tricks that save you time if you are using the app powered part of Windows 8.

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Running XP Based Software In Windows 8 – Yes It Can Be done!

If you are like most of us, you have a few old programs floating around that will possibly only run on XP. If you still have an XP system you will not have any issues at all. TheWindows-8 problem is that many XP systems have very old hardware and are extremely slow, especially if they were manufactured before 2007.


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Windows 8 Is Getting Ready For a Big Update YIKES!

If you like the majority of Windows users who updated to Windows 8 in all likelihood you are less then pleased with the new operating system. Many folks who have bought windows-8-logoWindows 8 have upgraded to Windows 7. Notice I used the word upgrade and not downgrade! Windows 7 remains to be the best of all operating systems. It is faster then XP and it is faster and much more user friendly then Windows 8. With all the complaints that have been made to Microsoft, we are really wondering if they are listening.

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Windows 8: Is it Better or Worse than Microsoft Windows7?

Upon release of the new Microsoft OS (Operating System), Windows 8, consumers have been very skeptical of its practicality. The most


significant change for Windows 8 comes to the Start Menu or rather the lack there of.
‘Metro’ has been added in to replace the Start Menu and has recieved mixed reviews in the market.

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How To Speed Up Microsoft Windows 8

Anytime a new version of Windows arrives the first thing we notice is the bugs and little quirks in the operating system that seem to slow us down. The good news is that there are several things that can be done to increase the speed of the new Windows 8 operating system. In some cases you can increase the speed of the operating system by up to 50% just by performing a few simple tasks.

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How Safe is Microsoft Windows 8

Anytime a new operating system is introduced from Microsoft the first thing we consider is the safety of our system. Windows 8 makes plenty of claims to be safe and even goes so far as to say that the built in protection offered will eliminate your need for third party software to be installed on your computer.

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Windows 8 Security how to avoid Windows 8 problems

Microsoft has been dealing with the issue of security in Windows for a long time. Frequently, reminding their developers about the significance and necessity of different security measures within all Microsoft windows operating systems. With their focus on features related to Windows security like Security Development Lifecycle or SDL, testing, coding, and design system. Microsoft has been highly successful in incorporating some of the major features in their most recent operating systems. In Turn, enabling

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Windows 8 Fans Love Faster Boot

Windows 8 is hot and fresh out of the box and some people are really loving the new look. It is all part of the Microsoft strategy to conjure up a consumer buzz. Windows XP has been around for a long time. People saw a big change with Windows Vista, but most people didn’t really like Vista. They enjoyed the new look, but the Vista OS was sluggish. It took Windows 7 to revive consumers. It still looked a lot like Windows Vista, but it ran faster.

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