Can I Get A Virus On My Android Tablet or Smart Phone?

In the past, if you had a mobile phone you did not have to worry about getting a virus on a mobile device. Today, things are a lot different. With thousands of new apps being android-virusadded to the app store everyday it is almost impossible for Google to police and check every single one. If you own an Apple IOS the chances are a little less because there is more control to the Apple store.


By far, loading apps from Google Play is usually safe but sometimes a bad app will slip through the cracks before being flagged as Malware. Getting Malware in your Android can have similar symptoms to getting Malware in your PC. Often times the Malware will try to get your log in information for secure sites like your bank or e-mail accounts. In addition, you might get advertising pop ups similar to what you would expect on your PC.


If you suspect that your Android has been infected, there are a few things you can do to get your tablet or phone back to normal. Just like on a PC, sometimes simply uninstalling the bad app will take care of the problem almost instantly. Uninstalling is easy in an Android. Simply go to the Play store and choose the option to show your installed apps. Find the app you want to uninstall tap it with your finger. Now choose the uninstall option listed on the top right portion of the page.


Once you have the offending app uninstalled, it would be a good idea to install anti-virus software. I personally like AVG free for Android. It ahs helped me on numerous occasions by blocking apps that were potential Malware. Not all apps that are marked as Malware will be a security risk but some of them definitely can. Sometimes the bad apps will just start to create pop up advertisements or other nuisance ads on your device. Once the anti-virus is installed, be sure to do a full system first time scan. The scan may take some time so be patient and allow it to finish.


If you install a bad app there are times when you might not even be able to start your tablet. If this happens, you might have to reset your device back to factory. If the device is essentially dead, you will have to use the recovery button sequence designed for your device in order to reset the device. Some phones or tablets are Volume up + Home + Power, some are Volume Down + Power, some might be Home + Power. If none of the above work, consult your user manual for the appropriate command.


Follow the prompts to reset the device. Some devices will remember your apps if you have the device set to back them up. If you have lots of pictures, you might want to call us to help you back them up before resetting the device.


Once reset, your Malware troubles should be gone and your tablet should be running like it was when it was new. Be sure to install anti-virus software like AVG as soon as you get it booted up again. This will significantly reduce the chances of getting an infection through an infected app.

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