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Yes,Even Macs Can Get Virus Infections! Mac Users Are Not Always Safe

Most people believe that if they own a Mac that they will not get a virus. In fact, many folks are buying Macs for that very reason. In the last year or so, I have seen many die-hard flashback-trojan-mac-virusPC users turn to the Mac format.

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Apple IOS 7 was Released Today. Should I rush and Upgrade?

Today for the first time since the IOS was first released, Apple has made major changes to its core operating system for I phone and I Pad. If you have an older device, you will ios7-applehave to upgrade to the new operating system if you want to try it. All new versions of the I Phone will have it pre-installed when you purchase the phone.


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Protecting your Valuable Smart Phone with the Otter Box

In today’s world, the use of your Smart Phone is as much a part of your life as eating breakfast. We carry the devices wherever we go. We use them while walking, at the gym, doingotterbox-iphone-4 yard work, shopping and sometimes even while taking a bath. With all this abuse, it is almost certain that at some point in time your phone is going to get damaged.


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The iPhone

The iPhone has been a leading smart phone since its release in 2007. It was one of the first phones that allowed you to capture video, listen to multimedia files and offer email browsing as well as the ability to download and install applications to make your life more entertaining as well as easier. The fifth generation of iPhone was released in October 2011 and has brought with it more features, easier accessibility and more functions than ever before.

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iPhone Apps, Do They Really Enhance Daily Life?

The iPhone is everywhere, these innovating applications have changed or rather just simplified our lives. Let us talk about some of the top iPhone apps by which you can enjoy your life more than before.

Chase Mobile: This application is awesome for banking. It truly deserves recognitions for its features that help you to deposit money without visiting an ATM or banking center. It is quite simple all you need to do is take a picture of the back and front portions of your check. Instantly the amount is deposited into your bank account. Amazing!!!

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Best cases for your macbook pro

The Macbook Pro is a gorgeous and powerful machine, but no doubt you’ve heard horror stories from friends or around the internet about how glass can crack and dents can form. It’s a good idea to protect any device you carry with you from accidental damage, and you don’t have to lose the cool-factor of your device to keep it safe. Here are some covers and sleeves for your Macbook Pro that protect it with style.

Twelve South 12-1002 BookBook, Hardback Leather Case

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Eight reasons why iPad Mini would Change World of Tablets

IPad Mini already is coming. Some sources say new tablet from Apple is already on the assembly lines. Start of sales is scheduled on October-November. Device will have 7.85 inches screen diagonal and very attractive price. The output of this device for Apple, will become, without any doubts, an important event, it can bring serious changes in the camp of products-competitors. It can change the very principles of today’s mobile market. To say simply, iPad Mini would change the market segment of tablet computers.

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Apple’s new A6 Processor Preview

Whether it is the diminutive iPod Nano or the iMac, whether it is the iPad with all its features or a desktop PC, all of Apple’s products come backed up by great technology.  For instance, the Mac Pro runs on Quad Core Xeon processors from Intel and users can decide between a 12, 6 or 4 core. Apple’s iPhone 4S comes with the A5 chip that consists of not 1, but 2 cores, promising graphics that are seven times faster and performance that is two times more powerful than anything before it.  The iPad used Apple’s custom-made A5 chip as well that promises more power with less energy consumption.  We are now hearing that the new iPad, the iPad3, will be better and faster because the company has upgraded the A5 processor to a quad-core processor, the A6.

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My Smartphone Is Too Smart to be Hacked, Right?

You’re running around town, busily attending to your business. With you, as always, is your trusty smartphone, your all-in-one calendar, contact list, to-do list, mobile bank, camera, GPS, and pocket gateway to the internet. Where you go, it goes. And it must, for your entire life is locked up in that little box. And it’s safe and sound in there, right? After all, it is a “smart” phone.




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What to Expect from the New Apple iPhone 5

From professional magazines to the blogosphere, the tech world has been abuzz with rumors of the new Apple iPhone 5. The question on everyone’s mind is: what new features will it have? Top technology trend experts were quick to say that rumors of a new look for the phone were likely only wishful thinking by consumers. As of September 12, however, those experts are likely eating their words with their morning breakfast.


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