When The Cold Weather Sets In, Stay Home And Be Safe

The cold weather is here to stay and it can be dangerous to travel. Here are five good reasons to stay home and use your computer instead of braving the freezing cold-weathertemperatures!


  1. Car Problems:  Your car might run fine in the cold but a simple battery problem can keep you from starting your car! Sure, you can get a jump from a friend but what if it starts snowing and you are out in the middle of nowhere? You will have a really hard time getting rescued and this can lead to a life-threatening situation.


  1. Getting Sick: The extreme cold can cause all sorts of problems like ear infections, sore throats and even the flu. If you do have to go out, be sure to dress warm and by all means stay away from other people who are sick.


  1. Slippery Roads: Slippery roads are probably one of the most dangerous factors when winter weather strikes. This puts you at an extremely high risk of getting into an accident that can cause severe injury or death. Accidents are usually caused by driving too fast for conditions or by following too closely.


  1. Snow Plows: Most cities will implement a snow emergency if a severe snowstorm hits the region. When this happens, you are not allowed to park on any roadway that has to be cleared of snow. In addition, they do not even want you riding on the roads period! If you are on the roadways during a snowstorm, you are putting yourself as well as the plow drivers in danger.


  1. Your Pets: Pets, just like humans, need protection from the cold. If you are stranded on the road somewhere and cannot get to them, they are not going to be happy campers. In addition, if there is a power outage or the heat at your house fails, you will not be there to do what is necessary to protect them. Pets need to stay warm, just like us.


I am not saying to stay home from work or never leave the house but common sense is the rule here. If it is bad out and you do not have to be anywhere, stay home. There is so much you can do right from your computer. You can shop on Amazon, make deposits through your phone, do research for your favorite hobby or just play some online games.


About 10 years ago there was a guy who wanted to prove that he could everything on a computer for one year and never leave the house. Well, his experiment was a success. For one whole year he lived totally from his PC. This is the kind of power that the PC has. So stay home when the weather is bad and have fun on your PC!

Article written by Ross A Deprey


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