Internet Explorer is History – Windows 10 Boasts A Brand New Browser!

Microsoft and Internet Explorer are synonymous names that have been together since 1995. In its long history, Internet Explorer has been loved by someinternet .png-large but hated by most. The browser has always had its share of security flaws and in some cases, it was brought to the attention of Homeland Security which flat out told users not to use it until certain security flaws were patched. To this day, there are still a good amount of folks using Internet Explorer and many of those are doing so out of habit and because it was the browser packaged with their computer. Many of those that are in use are out of date versions that have multiple security flaws.


For one thing, one of the main differences between IE and a third party browser is the way it has to be updated. With a browser such as Firefox or Maxthon, you simply go to the browsers update tab and a new version is installed quite quickly with having to do nothing more then close the browser and reopening it after the update. This is not the case with Internet Explorer. Since IE is actually part of the operating system, your system will not only update the browser but it also looks for past updates from Microsoft. This can make the update process quite lengthy is some instances. In addition, computer issues sometimes arise after an update because not only are you updating the browser, you are making changes to the OS as well.


We have so many customers that tell us that they hate IE, please remove it from my computer! Well the truth be told, that is not possible. Even if you never use the browser, it is still a necessary part of Windows. It carries out many background processes that are necessary for Windows to operate normally. In addition, most browsers use the IE core to connect to the Internet.


The new browser that will be introduced starting with Windows 10 is not yet officially named but it is called Project Spartan. It is a known fact that Microsoft has been working hard to improve the tarnished image of IE with little success. It is a known fact that once a name is tarnished, it is very difficult to reverse the process.


Let me make one thing clear, Internet Explorer will still be included with Windows 10 but it will be for compatibility issues only. IE will take a backseat to Spartan. Internet Explorer support has already ended for many of the older versions. If you are still using XP, it is recommended that you do not use IE at all.


One can only wonder if the Microsoft will be able to salvage its share of the browser market especially when it is also trying to salvage its name with the introduction of Windows 10. Can the software giant pull it off and get back all of its loyal customers? Only time will tell. It sounds like they are listening to what the people want this time instead of telling us what it should be like. Lets face it its just human nature. We do not like to be told, “This is how it is”.


To be clear, our favorite browsers are Maxthon and Firefox. Both browsers are more secure and faster then Internet Explorer. Maxthon tops our charts as the best browser out there because of security, features and speed. It is not as well known as some of the other mainstream browsers and that occasionally creates an issue with a handful of websites. This compatibility issue is quite rare, however.


In short, start getting used to new name and a restructured browser for the new versions of Windows. In addition, expect support for existing versions of Internet Explorer to fade away into the sunset as Microsoft tries to kill of the IE name.

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