Replacing a PC monitor, should I consider a touch-screen model?

Is it time that you replaced your PC monitor? If that old display has recently broken or perhaps feels small and out-dated then you should consider replacing your display with a new model. The latest monitor technology includes a variety of touchscreen and multi-touch models. But why should you consider a touch monitor and are they actually useful? Today we will explore some of the popular options of touch screen monitors and how they work with your current Windows operating system.


What are touch screen PC monitors?


The world has become touch screen crazy with cell phones, tablets and portable games consoles. The humble PC monitor has not changed too much, but over the last few years a range of new models have been introduced that offer touch screen capabilities. Now your PC monitor itself can be used to control your computer without the need of a mouse or keyboard. Touch screen monitors use the latest capacitive technology to not just display beautiful images and graphics but also allow you to control your operating system and software with just your fingers. Open files, type using the onscreen keyboard or even draw using the most natural and direct control system you have.


What versions of Windows work with touch screen monitors?


There are 3 versions of Microsoft Windows that support touch screen monitors, these include:


  • Windows Vista – the first operating system to introduce Touch Screens, back in 2006 this focused on the limited amount of touch tablets.
  • Windows 7 – Focusing on improving touch screen drivers for the numerous new computer monitors and all-in-one PCs that were launched.
  • Windows 8 – The true multi-touch operating system has been designed for touch screen PC monitors and devices from the beginning.


Benefits of touch screen PC monitors


There are many benefits that touch screen monitors offer, these include:


  • Multi-touch – The ability to use two fingers to control your software, for example zoom in photos or web pages.
  • Play Games/Apps – Windows 8 will introduce the Windows Store to millions of users. With a touchscreen monitor you can play popular games like angry birds with your fingers.
  • Better productivity – If you work hard on your computer, having a touch screen monitor can help aid your productivity by providing an alternative and fast control system.
  • Future proof – by investing in a touch screen monitor you can ensure that you have the hardware to support any future software developments in Windows 8 or Microsoft’s future OS version.


We hope that this guide has helped you to understand the benefits of touch screen pc monitors. If the current trend in technology continues then almost all future monitors sold will be touch screen and we shall rely on our fingers and gesture controls more than ever before to improve productivity.

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