Retirement Of Windows XP, Many Security Companies Will Maintain Support

There is lots of talk about how the retirement of XP is going to affect the end user. We know that you will be cut off from new Microsoft Updates and some software venders will no XP-banner-supportlonger offer updates to their programs if you are still using XP. The truth is, there are millions of folks who are still using XP and are going to continue using it on certain machines. Most folks will not throw away a perfect computer just because Microsoft wants them to. If you are a multi-computer home and you have several computers running XP that run perfectly, you will not want to get a new computer with Windows 8 that almost everybody hates.


The truth is that many vendors including Google Chrome, Maxthon and Malwarebytes plan on continuing to support XP after the April deadline. At that time, you will definitely not want to use Internet Explorer at all for any web surfing. In fact, you should not be using it now. Using an alternate support browser will help you avoid many of the exploits and Malware that is out there today. If you practice safe surfing and use common sense, you stand to have a computer with a lifetime free of viruses. Yes, it is possible even after support from Microsoft stops.


As the deadline approaches, we will have to see how many of the security companies will continue to support XP. It is in their best interest to do so especially since so many people are not going to migrate to Windows 8.


It is still unclear if Security Essentials will update their anti-virus after April 2014 but it appears that they most likely will for a time. It is confirmed that Symantec will continue to support XP.  If you are unsure, check with your anti-virus vender and if they do not support XP after 2014, find one that will. The list will get more comprehensive as time goes on.


In many cases, you will not be able to get the latest program but you will still get the latest virus definitions. Remember that it is the definitions that will determine how well you are protected.


As far as we know, the existing updates for Windows XP will remain online for some time. If you ever need to re-load XP, you should be able to get all the current updates up to the time that support stops.


There is one point that might actually make XP more secure over time. Virus venders always go where they can get the biggest bang for the buck. Once the market share for XP gets lower, virus writers will stop creating Malware to infect XP. If you were running Windows 98 right now, you would probably not encounter much in the way of viruses since very few people still use it.

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One comment on “Retirement Of Windows XP, Many Security Companies Will Maintain Support
  1. Ross Deprey says:

    I still like windows xp.. I dont have it any more becouse I build a new computer and thought I would just put in windows 7 this way i can get all the updates when Microsoft stops updating xp. If i did not build a new pc i would still be running xp and i would still be happy! It was one of the best operating systems on earth .

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